Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Where have I been?

Well hello internet world, long time no speak!

This is exactly what I didn't want to happen as soon as I started back at university. Consumed by mountains of reading, classes and general stress, blogging has totally fallen by the wayside. I was so determined at the start of this semester that I was going to keep up my 2017 Goal of blogging once a week but that just has not happened. I've barely had time to read my favourite blogs never mind come up with interesting and fun content for my own platform. Aside from my September Unibox Review I haven't written and posted a single post since classes have started back and don't even get me started on my twitter and scheduling tweets. And you know what, it feels crap. 

Blogging has always been such a creative outlet for me, a way to relax and de-stress and I always want to keep it as that. So when there is (what feels like, I know it is not necessarily true) zero time for relaxing, with one thing after another to do, that part of my life totally falls apart. 

So, if I haven't been blogging, what have I been doing then? 

Bit of an obvious one here, but with only 6 contact hours a week I have a hell of a lot of independent study time to do, which, I can proudly say I am actually attempting to do. I am trying really hard to keep on top of my weekly work, even trying to get on to the further readings for some of my tutorials. So when you're in the library from 9-5 every day with extra working hours at home, there really isn't much time to do anything remotely worth blogging about. Quite frankly, the last thing I want to do when I have been sitting staring at my laptop all day is to come home and stare at it some more while I try to frantically type a post about something random, because the most exciting thing that has happened to me all week was getting a double yolker when I was making scrambled eggs. Not quite "bloggable" material despite being quite the thrill. 

More exciting than the last one, but I am playing netball this year for one of the university teams which is so so exciting! It's something I have been working towards for the past few years so I am super excited to get the opportunity to do it this year. However this does mean that two evenings a week are taken up with training, another for a fitness session (I've been doing spin and I am such a convert it's great!) and matches on Saturdays with away games sometimes taking up the whole day for travel, netball is definitely a huge part of my uni life. That's not even mentioning socials, fundraising or other aspects that come with being in a uni sports club.

So what next?
I am so determined to get back into blogging. I may not be able to post regularly, but I will still try from now to get at least one post up every week. I go through such phases where I have so many ideas for posts in my head and will write a couple of lines of them, but then will never have the time/drive to finish it.
Lifewise, it's independent learning week at uni next week. So excited. I've booked train tickets to go down to London to see W and my best friend from school Meg. Hopefully going to get to some of the places and museums I've never been to before and I think W might have a couple of ideas planned. Now that I've submitted my first piece of honours coursework I am feeling much more confident about my work balance, so I feel like incorporating some changes that will allow me to blog more is totally manageable!

If you have any posts you want to see on here then please let me know in the comments! If not, I hope you are all having a great week!


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

September Unibox Review

One of the things I find the hardest about being at university is finding a balance. It's so easy to fall into bad habits of buying takeaways, going out every night, sleeping in late etc, but it's also really easy to go the opposite way, studying in the library till 2am every night, rushing around and never really taking a break. So when the lovely Daphnee from Unibox contacted me to see if I would be interested in receiving their September edition, "Back to Unibox" I was really intrigued and of course said yes!

There are loads of monthly subscription boxes out there, but this one is designed especially for students, with the aim of providing products that encourage you to find a little more balance. Think healthy snacks, stationery and other bits and bobs to make life as a student easier. I love the concept behind the box, receiving a monthly little pick me up to help refocus and get back on the right track sounds great! Each box contains 6-8 full sized products and there is something just so exciting about getting a package and just not knowing what is inside.

In the September Unibox I received:

The Unibox Goal Planner: A Supercute palm print (very on trend) goal planner which to me has some bullet journal vibes but with a bit of direction. It has space to write your goals and reflections but also a handy little habit tracker section which would be really cool if you wanted to track fitness or water intake for example.

The Unibox Card Holder: Perfect for sticking on your phone so you never lose your student card again. So handy for nights out when you might not want to take a jacket but need your ID card to get in to the union or wherever!

Pukka Matcha Green Tea: I was really excited to see Pukka teas in the box as this is definitely a product which I would never really buy for myself. Pukka teas are quite luxurious as a student and I normally stick to Tetley. I've never actually tried matcha tea so I'm looking forward to giving it a go!

Maison de Choup Warrior Patch: I love that Unibox is working with a charity and this is an issue which affects so many students so it is really relevant. Maison de Choup fashion brand was founded by 21 year old George to raise awareness and support young people suffering with anxiety and mental health. This fun patch can be stuck on jackets or rucksacks or wherever really and 25% of the proceeds go to YoungMinds, the UK's leading mental health charity for children and young people.

Be raspberry, blackcurrant, beetroot juice drink: Fairtrade, lots of berries and one of your five-a-day, I always find juice drinks a good way to help incorporate more fruit and veggies when I'm at uni.

Opitat Hangover Scrub: Anything that claims to cure a hangover is definitely worth a shot in my book. I didn't think it would be fair to test this on a normal day so in the name of research, I took myself on a night out just to try it the next morning. (Or so I'll tell myself anyway....) The peppermint scent is pretty strong however it actually did leave my skin and therefore me, feeling a little more refreshed and ready for the day. I think my skin really enjoyed it too as it felt nice and soft afterwards.

Munchy Seeds: I'm not usually a big fan of seeds but they undeniably carry great health benefits, so I will try and incorporate them into my salad next time I'm making one for lunch. As they are packed with nutritious benefits, it furthers Unibox's idea of creating balance at university.

Rhythm 108 chocolate brownie: This looks like the perfect snack to pop in my rucksack and bring to the library for when I'm needing a boost. You can even warm them up to eat at home which sounds delish!

The mighty razor holder: I love the idea of putting something useful for the home in the box too. I already actually have a razor holder so I'll probably be giving this one to W, but they are super handy and stop the blade getting gooey from sitting in water.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the products I received in the September Unibox. There was definitely a good mix of unisex products and I love the fact it has something for all aspects of student life, from healthy snacks to stationery to something for your student flat. The theme of the October box is "Hocus Focus" which sounds like it will contain some great stationery and things to help you knuckle down as the deadlines begin. Click here to find out some more information about Unibox and to subscribe to their next box. You can also use the code: BLOG5 for £5 off. Let me know in the comments if you get any subscription boxes to help you whilst at university and what you think of the products inside this one!

*I was sent this product by Unibox for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions are  obviously my own*

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