Sunday, 17 January 2016

2016 Goals

One thing I am not a fan of, is a New Year's Resolution. A goal for the year however is completely different. I think it's more that it's an aim for the year, something which you can strive to achieve. Whereas to me, resolution is saying that you were doing something wrong before. Something needs to be resolved.  With it already being halfway through January, I have been thinking a lot about what I want to achieve this year. Going back to university tomorrow, it's a fresh start. I'm taking new classes this semester and have so many other exciting things in the pipeline.

My number one goal for this year is to travel more. With my year abroad coming up in September (more about that soon!) there isn't any doubt that I'm going to be going somewhere. So that's not completely the point of this goal. Moreover, having the confidence to travel by myself. I do think travelling alone in a foreign country particularly being a young woman is an intimidating thing. I don't doubt that there will be times when I am terrified, lost and confused. But! I am super excited for all the opportunities which it will bring and I can't wait to get exploring.

Not a diet. Not eating less. Just healthier. Being a student it's easy to fall back to take-aways and cheap and cheerful junk food. That means goodbye to my post library stuffing and turkey sandwich at midnight, it's a sad day. No more loaves of garlic bread because I want a snack. I know, my diet last semester truly was appalling. I love food, and I am excited to try some more new recipes and ingredients!

This might seem like a truly random choice of goal but my sleeping pattern recently has been awful! When at uni I can live off four hours a night, however being at home over the Christmas holidays I can truly see how badly this has affected me. I was so run down at the end of the semester when I came home I am determined to strike a better balance between my work-play-sleep life.

4. READ.
Again, an apparent random choice for someone who spends hours and hours a day reading all sorts of historical articles and German novels. While this is all very interesting (HA!) I do miss reading for purely entertainment purposes. That's why my final goal this year is to read more. When I was younger I refused to go to sleep until I finished the book I was reading. So with all those early nights I will be having in accordance to goal 3 ^, hopefully I will be able to fall in love with reading again. There is something so special about getting completely lost in an alternative world whilst snuggled in bed with a up of tea.

There we go. My four goals for the year. Let me know what your goals are for the year in the comments because I love reading them, even gives me more ideas for some of my own! xoxo


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