Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New Year's Eve; London Style Pt 2

With one more day left in London before our bus journey home that night, we were determined the make the most of it. With shopping being high on my list of priorities, despite the fact I was rapidly losing money (London cocktail prices eh), Topshop on Oxford street was our first destination. It was literally like a different world inside. The sales were still in full swing and a very happy hour was spent perusing the racks. Even a whole hour is not enough for me in there - I could have stayed all day! Bond street was our next destination, where designer shops lined the street with the most elegant and beautiful displays. A highlight for me was Cartier, pictured below, who had decided to get into the festive spirit by wrapping themselves in a giant bow which was adorable and really stood out.

 After a quick bite to eat in Costa we were back exploring, and stopped by the Apple Market in Covent Gardens after being assured by my friend that she had seen it all over Instagram and we simply had to see it! I was slightly disappointed to find it wasn't lots of small cute stalls selling various apple products, however a large indoors crafts market with some really interesting pieces. I particularly liked the jam candle stall, selling a variety of scented candles in little jam-jar like pots. A quick trip on the Carousel in Leicester Square was definitely my highlight of the day, as we laughed the whole way round accompanied by music from nothing other than Phantom of the Opera! Having our final meal in Bills in Covent Garden was such a treat, with my steak coming with not just a double yolk, but a TRIPLE! I may have squealed with excitement which did not pass unnoticed by our waiter...

And with that, my London adventures came to an end. It was my first trip away with my new friends from University and I absolutely loved every second. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends to spend time with, where there honestly was not a second of silence throughout the whole four days which we were together. Something I think is truly very special. I cannot wait to go back and spend more time in London, and with a few friends moving there after the Summer for various reasons, hopefully I won't have long to wait!


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