Monday, 8 February 2016

Stuck in a rut...

It's Monday Week 3. The semester is well underway, everyone has already caught up on their holiday gossip, coursework hasn't quite started so although there's a lot of work it's not manic -  everything just seems pretty normal. These are the weeks that I actually find the hardest. I love being busy, whether it be with work or social events I hate sitting still. I love finding new projects to work on or going and exploring new places. Although St. Andrew's is literally my favourite place on earth, there is a reason why people call it "the Bubble". After spending a long period of time here it can honestly feel like you are living in a little world which isn't quite connected to the world outside. You go to the same places every day, attend the same classes and see the same people in the queue for the Tesco self-service. Having been here four weeks today, I haven't left once, and today I'm feeling like it. But it's time for that to change. When I find myself like this, there are a few things I like to do to give myself some perspective and remember why I am here and I think these will translate to a lot of you if you are feeling slightly platonic or stuck in a rut.

1. Look
It is so easy to walk the same route everyday and stop noticing all the little details along the way. I am so guilty of this. St. Andrews has so much history and the architecture is beautiful so every now and then I like to stop, go for a wander by myself down to the medieval cathedral ruins or to the beach and just sit. And look. It always helps me to realise how lucky I am to be able to study in such an incredible place.

2. Listen
To your old favourite songs. I love nothing more than to blast some nostalgic songs and dance around singing them. Highlights include the Hannah Montana soundtrack (although I never did watch the show) and the ultimate glee playlist. Trust me, it helps.

3. Work
Now this might just be my inner "geek" coming out here, but I study something I love and I am so grateful for that. Pouring myself into my work is genuinely enjoyable. I don't mean just do the work to get by, but take time and pride in what you are doing. Because when it's done you can look back and think, "yup, I did that, and I did it well."

4. Talk
To an old friend. I am lucky that a couple of my friends from school are also students here and I have honestly  made the most incredible friends since being here, however sometimes it's nice to reach out to someone that you used to be close to and catch up. Telling someone else all the exciting things that have been happening in your life can really help remind you of some of the exciting and crazy things you have done recently.

5. Remember:


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