Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Exploring St Andrews; St Rule's Tower

The large square in the foreground which you can see is the 'cloister' which is the area which would have separated the monks from the lay people.
Looking out on the famous St. Andrews Pier. You can see the start of East Sands beach on the right hand side.

One of the most iconic features of the St. Andrews skyline is St. Rule's tower. Built early in the 12th century it is one of the most historical landmarks in St. Andrews. As a self confessed history geek (I mean it is my degree) I absolutely love learning about the area in which I am studying and I cannot imagine studying history in a better place than St. Andrews. It is Scotland's oldest University after all! ;) The Cathedral area is so well labelled that you don't actually need to know anything about it before you go, the little plaques explain each of the ruins.

Having studied here for the past two years it is something I have seen plenty of times however never actually thought about going up it. However as part of our post exam celebrations my friend and I decided that we would brave the incredibly narrow and winding steps and climb all 100ft up to the top.

The most incredible view awaited us! As you can see from the photographs it offers a stunning panoramic view of the town. We were so lucky that it was such a sunny day (too sunny in fact - I somehow managed to get sunburnt!) You can see both West and East Sands and pick out many of the other famous landmarks and of course the classic "Can I spot my own house?". If you are ever in St. Andrews even for a couple of hours this is definitely something you cannot miss! It really does put into perspective what a little 'bubble' St Andrews really is as you can see right out to the fields which surround the town. Even just writing this now is making me slightly sentimental; I just love this little town so much. This will unfortunately be the last St. Andrews post for a while as I am leaving tomorrow for London/Brighton before I head home for the holidays. I do however have another little post for all you fife coast fanatics in the next couple of days.

Across to West Sands, you can also see St. Salvador's Chapel tower on the left side.


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  1. Loving the photos! Looks like such a beautiful place.

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