Thursday, 12 May 2016

St. Andrews Love Affair

One of my absolute favourite things about studying in St. Andrews is that it is by the sea. Growing up on the West coast meant that I have always lived no more than a ten minute walk away from the sea and that is something I am so unbelievably grateful for. I maintain that there is nothing more relaxing in the world than sitting and just watching the waves.

As a break from revision the other day, I took a walk with a couple of friends down to West Sands, the largest sandy beach in St Andrews to just sit, chill and de-stress. Looking back up to St Andrews caught me off guard, I have grown so unbelievably attached to this little town in the two years that I have been here. It is just so beautiful. The closer I get to finishing exams the more excited I am getting for my year abroad in Germany next year. I spend at least an hour or two every night reading blogs of others who have done a year abroad and although I cannot wait to be strolling around little Bavarian towns experiencing real German culture, it is going to be unbelievably hard leaving St Andrews behind. With views like that, can you blame me?



  1. Great pictures, you are so lucky to study there and to have the sea right next to you!:)
    Best wishes, Marie

  2. I'm starting uni here in September and I am SO excited to live in such a beautiful wee town!!

    1. That's so exciting congratulations! It's such a special place to go to University, so unique with all it's traditions and amazing surroundings. Hopefully I am going to write a few guides for Freshers and various things closer to September! X


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