Friday, 3 June 2016

Day Trip to Brighton

Whilst I was down staying with my friend Sarah the other week we decided that we would take a little day trip to Brighton to explore a bit more of the English coast. I had never been down as far as Brighton before and had obviously heard through various blogging channels and youtube channels lots and lots about the wonders of Brighton so I was super excited to go.

Stepping off the train in Brighton and walking out of the station we grabbed our morning latte from one of the little coffee stands in the station which was the perfect prep for the day. Our first mission of the day was to visit the Banksy art on the side of the Prince Albert pub on Trafalgar Street. I don't really know what I was expecting but it most certainly wasn't what we found. You would not have believed that there was anything out of the ordinary when you walked round the corner of the pub to on to the slightly dingy backstreet. I almost had to crop the big rubbish bins which gathered at the side of the road right beside the Banksy. If you did not know it was there you had not a chance of stumbling across it - I guess that is just all part of the magic of Banksy.

We then went for a little walk around the North Lanes. They were everything I wanted them to be and a little more. Such a variety of little boutique shops and everyone we spoke to was so friendly. We then decided to take a walk around to the pavilion as we had heard that it was a stunning piece of architecture. To add a little something extra to my account of our day, I will now share with you Sarah's explanation of the story behind the architecture. Sorry Sarah if you are reading this, but it's hilarious. Sarah (a fellow history student please might I add) thought that the exotic influences behind the architecture of the pavilion came from the Ottoman empire, when one of the Emperors decided that they would build a home on the English coast where they could escape from the trials of running an Empire with their lady friends in order to pursue some, let's call it, lustful activities. Shocked were we therefore to discover that in actual fact the exotic influences come from the British colonies in India during the 19th century.

Brighton Pavillion

Our chosen lunch spot!

Isn't it just so adorable?

We had lunch in "That little teashop in the lanes" which was absolutely adorable! Decorated in full vintage English style you can see that the decorations were just too cute. All the staff were so friendly and the food was fresh and yummy! I had a prawn and crab sandwich with salad and Sarah had a tuna baked potato. Perfect for a no frills tasty lunch and if you are ever looking for somewhere to eat in Brighton particularly if you are in the lanes!

You simply cannot go to Brighton and not visit the pier so we spent the afternoon wandering along the promenade and exploring the Pier. It certainly lived up to the stereotypical seaside resort tag as we sat with our 99 ice creams in striped deck chairs on the edge of the pier and soaked up the sunshine. I even put aside my fear of roller coasters and went on one of the more tame rides where we could not stop laughing as they blasted Miley Cyrus and One Direction as we were the only two on the ride!

So for me, my day trip to Brighton was the perfect day out. It had a little bit of history thrown in, some culture yet still ended with laughter and cheesy pop music. I would definitely go back for another day trip! Have you ever been to Brighton? What would you recommend not missing next time I am in the area?



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