Monday, 6 June 2016

So Long Second Year!

My second year at University has been incredibly different from my first. I moved into my own house with two of my friends. I still studied History and German, finally jumping over the last hurdle before starting working towards my actual degree. Dont'cha just love the Scottish four year system?

Having just got my exam results in (I passed #miracle) I began to think back over the year and reflect on some of the things which it has taught me.

My friendship group is roughly the same even though we are all most definitely much closer. Instead of preparing to come back to University I am preparing to go and spend a year of my life in another country and although I am so unbelievably excited I am simultaneously terrified! What if nobody understands me? What if I make no friends and spend the whole year wandering around a place I am unfamiliar with alone? I keep these questions squashed at the back of my mind but they are definitely real fears.

I have become a better and healthier cook despite some exceptionally strange combinations - cream cheese and Yorkshire puddings anyone?? Just don't ask. I have also stuck to my attempt at getting fitter and stronger, got to love those 7am netball fitness 'sessions.

Of course there have been moments where I have wanted to lie in bed and not have to deal with the mounting deadlines on a horrible hangover, but I can definitely say my time management has gotten a lot better since first year. I think things like that just come with practise. I have procrastinated less and focused a lot more leaving more time for fun and less time for stress. 

So long second year, I've laughed and cried and when my laptop has for some reason still unbeknown to me decided to delete my essay the night before it was due I have wanted to give up.  You have been hard, yet amazing.

PS. These photos are from my last night in St. Andrews before I went down to London and there was simply the most incredible sunset. It was fate.



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  1. Ah congrats on finishing second year! I've just finished second year myself-I feel so free. I can't wait for this time next year when I'm completely free & my life can start!

    Katie // Words By Katie


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