Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Year Abroad; Im going to Nuremberg!

I almost can't actually believe I am writing this post, but yesterday I finally found out the location of my placement as an English Languages Assistant for the 16/17 academic year and it is in none other than the stunning medieval city of NUREMBERG!

Ever since finding out I was going to be in Bavaria I had been nervously checking my emails hundreds of times a day in the hope of finding out even a small nugget of information about where I would be spending the next 9 months of my life. Yesterday, finally, I learned that I was going to be placed right on the edge of the city on Nuremberg teaching in two primary schools. I cried happy tears when I found out, it is the most perfect city for me! Having played an important role in history from it's prominence as a medieval port and it's role as the seat of the Holy Roman Emperor in medieval times to the haunting Nazi Rallies which were held there, the city has an incredible story which I cannot wait to trace and piece together.

Having always lived in a small town, both my home town and St. Andrews are hardly sizeable, I have always dreamed of one day being able to experience the hustle and bustle of a city on a daily basis. The thrill of there always being somewhere I hadn't been before, whether it be a monument, museum or even a new restaurant the 'city' has an almost magical lure. With a population of around half a million, Nuremberg is the perfect chance to experience city life.

Now the planning can finally begin. Tonight I will formally reply to my offer and officially accept my post as a English Language Assistant. I am hopefully going to enrol in an online course over the Summer to help give me some teaching training before I head off in September. Houses, bank accounts, taxes, flights and phones are all a bit of a blur just now but the next few months will involve meticulous planning to minimise the stress when I arrive.

Soon it will just be me and my brightly coloured backpack, off exploring the city of Nuremberg and the magical country of Germany - I cannot wait!!!


PS. If anyone has ever been to Nuremberg or has been an ELA themselves please please leave me a comment with a link to your posts or even just anything about your experience!

Obvs don't have any photos of Nuremberg yet to show you so have one of me being Dora with mentioned backpack in London instead xoxo


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