Friday, 15 July 2016

Preparing to be a Language Assistant Part 1

I may have mentioned it maybe once or ten thousand times but I am moving to Nuremberg in September. In fact, I wrote a whole post about it here. Much like the majority of my time at university, I have spent the past few months panicking that there have been forms and various things which I was supposed to have filled out and stressing out that I haven't booked flights or even know my working hours. I thought it might be useful for any future language assistants who might somehow stumble across my blog (because I myself have been stalking ELA's blogs back to 2010 as 'research') to write some of my pointers of things to be doing in the months leading up to departing.

The first and most important thing has been contacting my school. Keeping it honest, I was absolutely terrified to message my school for the first time. It made it all seem a bit more real? I put it off for as long as possible and you know I'm not even completely sure why. When I finally plucked up the courage to actually put pen to paper I had to send it to my German friend to check punctuation and grammar!  And yes, I did actually write out what I was going to say on a piece of paper before I typed it because for some reason my brain just processes German much better if I can actually see it written down on paper or I write it out on paper rather than on a computer screen? That must sound so bizarre to anyone who doesn't study a language, or maybe even to those of you who do and still have no idea where I am coming from!
However all my worries have been groundless and I am now genuinely looking forward to the meeting the lovely ladies who have been emailing me and dealing with my most random of questions. What I have learned though is that apparently Nuremberg has excellent cycle routes and I am going to have to be in school for 7.30 am!! I have just over two months to transform from a night owl to a morning hen or whatever the saying is...

One thing I have also done is invest a huge amount of time into researching my future home. I know that no amount of research will ever prepare me for the culture shock and craziness that is to come but for now it is keeping my active mind at rest. I have read countless blogs and articles about various aspects of the city, I have bought another Lonely Planet Travel guide on the Bavarian region and I have even gone so far as to watch old runs of Julia Bradbury's Walking Tour of the Bavarian forest. Laugh you may but I am absolutely determined that whilst I am in Bavaria I will make good use of the incredible walking routes and landscapes. Instagram heaven here I come!

Finally I have stopped thinking about what I am leaving behind next year and starting getting excited for what I am moving out to. I genuinely have such Wanderlust and a quest for adventure (Hence the name of the blog...) that I have been making lists and lists of all the incredible looking places that I want to visit.

I also may have actually found somewhere to live. Incredible I know. But more on that later!

I am however drowning in forms. After managing to confuse the Pre-Departure Agreement with some other form, it was on the third urgent warning email from my university that I realised I was the worlds biggest spoon. I have printed everything I have received out in the hope of it making more sense but sometimes it feels more like a reading comprehension than a sheet of teaching tips. I guess that's all part of the fun though eh?

This has been the most random and rambly post I have written on here yet but since one of the main reasons I wanted to start Adventure is Calling in the first place was to document my feelings about my Year Abroad I feel it's OK.  Again, if anyone reading has been on a YA or is planning theirs now then please please leave me a comment and a link to your blog. T minus 70 days and counting.

In other news I went for a walk along up the back of my town the other night with my Aunt and we took this beaut picture. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in a part of the country where views like this are only a short walk away!

Much love


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