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Top tips for surviving Freshers Week!

Nothing will ever prepare you for the roller coaster that is Freshers. Nothing. For some, it's the first time they will live away from home, or others it's the first time they will go on a night out. The first time that you cook for yourself. The first time you are in a new place. So many firsts. For those of you who are heading off to university for the first time this September you're probably feeling a tiny bit apprehensive amongst all the excitement or even if like me this is your third freshers week then I thought I would put together a few of my top tips for "surviving" Freshers.

Do not go with any expectations: Uni is incredible. I have made the most special friendships and have been fascinated by my course and adore living in St. Andrews. However it is totally not what I thought it was going to be like. It's bloody hard work but it's also unbelievably rewarding. Fresher's is the same. You may have heard horror stories of the absolute craziness and carnage that goes on. You may think that you are going to hit the union every night and go to all the events but plans change and you may find yourself doing things you never expected which can be just as fun!

Do not let homesickness control you: Whether it's your first or five thousandth night away from home, it is inevitable that at some point you will feel a little lonely or a little homesick. There is absolutely no shame.  But if that strikes in the middle of Fresher's when all your new flatmates or old friends are asking you do something or go out with them, even if you feel like cuddling up with your old teddy bear and wallowing do not let yourself. If you do go out and don't feel like staying long then don't, but at least give yourself the opportunity for happiness and fun. It takes a lot of courage to admit if you are feeling sad or aren't settling in but nobody can help you if you don't tell them. Talk to your friends because there's a high chance they are also feeling the same.

Be open minded: You aren't going to get away with speaking to strangers in the street or meeting up with people you barely know for much longer past Fresher's week. For that one week in the semester we abandon our British reserve and so many new friendships are formed. All be it, your Fresher's friends may just become a distant memory where you struggle to remember their name in a few months, or you see people in the street whose face you definitely recognise but have no idea where from, but that's all part of the fun!. In my Fresher's week I managed to go for coffee with a girl on my course whose number is still saved in my phone, yet if she walked up to me and hit me with a plank of wood I would still not have a clue who she was. 

Look after yourself: It's very very easy to get carried away in Freshers. For me, it was the first time I had complete freedom to choose what I was eating, where I went and if I wanted to go out then I did. However it takes such a toll on your body that most people would totally not expect. You may have heard the myths of Fresher's Flu and I am here today to confirm that yes, this does exist. Apparently the science behind it is something to do with your body coming into contact with a whole variety of bacteria as you mix with people in a very close environment however I would reluctantly add that it is also due to a whole lotta late nights and not a lotta sleep and veg. Pizza's for dinner and chicken nuggets and chips post night out sound like a great idea the first few nights but at least try and balance them with a few vegetables and vitamins during the day. Smoothies will be your new best friend, a perfect way to inject some fresh fruit and nutrients into your diet without having to do much thinking or culinary skill. Try and balance some wild nights out with some cosy nights in getting to know your new flatmates or catch up with your old, a chick flick and fajita night is always a winner for me and my friends!

Are you heading off to university this year? Is this going to be your first Fresher's week? Let me know in the comments if you have any tips or tricks for surviving Freshers! And for anyone who has read any of my other posts, I am still going on my year abroad don't worry. I am hitting up St Andrews Freshers week beforehand to get my last dose of unaay madness before I head off to Germany!

Most important tip of all; have fun!

Everybody knows that you can't have a Freshers event without copious amounts of paint! Neon preferably.


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  1. I totally agree on the 'dont let homesickness hit you'. I spent so much time missing home and lost the best parties in the first months of my Bachelor studies :(



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