Tuesday, 13 September 2016

It's not goodbye, It's see you later!

As I write this, there are currently 4 days and 19 hours until I fly to Cologne to spend a night before the induction course for my year abroad. Oh my god.
The past few weeks have literally FLOWN BY! One minute I am sitting in the office at work counting down the days till I head to St. Andrews for Fresher's week and now I am sitting at home struggling to believe I have 5 sleeps left in my own bed! The past few weeks really have been a blur of forms and paperwork, stress, excitement and of course, goodbyes.

Being in St. Andrews for Freshers week was amazing, but it was also pretty hard to sit and watch all my friends start their classes, getting excited about the year ahead of them whilst knowing that I didn't actually know when the next time I will see them would be. It was such a strange sensation walking down Market Street waving at people I knew but also knowing that I wouldn't see them for a whole year. Those random friends that you speak to in the street or bump into on a night out - did they know I was going away? Should I tell them and say goodbye? Trying not to sound like a bit of a creep saying "Have a nice year!" to people just felt like the wrong thing to say.

When I was sitting with my best friends on the morning that I was due to head back home one of them turned to me and said "It's not goodbye, it's see you later!" And she is so right. Why did I spend the week worrying about saying goodbye to people when it's pretty certain they will be there when I get back! It's a bizarre feeling to think that this time next week all my friends will either be in a lecture or in the library, already well into their courses whilst I am away in Cologne learning how to be a teacher and deal with life in Germany. The thought of such a huge experience is really pretty daunting but having received the reassurance from my friends that they will only be one skype call away I can honestly say I cannot wait for Sunday! I reserve the right to take that back on Saturday night as I am running around still probably not packed and freaking out because the only German word I can remember is "Hallo" but right now I have those little butterflies of excitement in my stomach every time someone mentions it.

I've also printed off some of my favourite photos of friends and family to take away, with the free prints app you get 50 free prints a month and only have to pay for the postage! So if you are heading off to uni or going away yourself it's definitely worth downloading this free app!

So the gist of this post is I am excited and I love my friends and packing scares me.
If you are heading off/on a year abroad or have done one before PLEASE leave me any advice you have in the comments! I love getting comments on my posts, I can't believe anyone actually reads them!



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