Sunday, 18 September 2016

Wilkommen Zu Deutschland! How did I make it here?!

So I am writing this post from my hotel room in Cologne on the very first night of my year abroad - that is SO SURREAL. I can't actually believe I am here. Months and months of planning and speculation and I am actually sitting in Deutschland. Even harder to believe that I have actually spoken German to actual German's who have understood me. I was so proud.

My day started pretty early at 6am and to say I felt nervous this morning is actually an understatement. I felt sick. I couldn't eat and I had such a deep sinking feeling in my stomach. This completely confused me because normally I am totally fine with going away as I have done it for so long and since reading the most brilliant book by Allen Carr to help me deal with my fear of flying I can't even put it down to travel nerves. I was just bloody terrified. I could have quite easily just stayed in bed this morning.

But I didn't. I shook myself and was determined not to let my nerves overshadow what was going to be such an exciting day. Well, tried to. My flight was relatively painless, apart from the lovely lady at Edinburgh airport telling me that putting my polaroid camera and film through security wouldn't do it any harm and RUINING ALL MY FILM. MY SUPER PRICEY AND I DON'T HAVE LOTS OF IT FILM. UGH. I TOLD HER.

But with a cheeky 'pesto and cheese/questionable?' sandwich complimentary with my flight from the lovely people at Eurowings a small rant in my diary and the lovely company of my friend Louise I was fine. I actually enjoyed the plane landing which is most definitely a first. Stepping off the plane in Cologne it still didn't feel real. It still doesn't. Whaaaat am I doing.

Once we had actually worked out which platform to get to for our train into the Stadtmitte we tried to find out where our hotel is (less than five minutes walk from the Dom thank you And this is where we really came into our own. We went the wrong way AND I managed to trip over my case and absolutely whack my shin in the middle of the road - cars stopped and glared at me, lovely kind considerate helpful people who were not concerned about my welfare at all as I half lay draped across my suitcase a hot and sticky mess.

Anyway, I think I will do a separate post about how much I have enjoyed Cologne so far and include more pictures in that one because this really has just turned into absolute word-vomit and a bit of a rambly mess. On the plus side we both ordered our dinner (schnitzel of course) in German and actually had banter with our waiter. And bumped into some Scottish people who were struggling to work out what type of food the restaurant served and were terrified it was Thai and were thrilled when we told them it most definitely wasn't. You really can't go very far without bumping into some Scots. What I was also secretly super duper proud of was although every table around us bar one tonight was actually English speaking, Louise and I were the only ones who were speaking to the waiters in German. It gave me such a little buzz and reminded me of some of the reasons why I study a language in the first place.

I definitely need to think of something auf Deutsch to sign my blog posts with. I'll get back to you on that.

But for now, Auf Wiedersehen! XOXO



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