Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Weekend of Fun; First German Night out and Michaelis-Kirchweih in Fürth

I am writing this post sitting on my balcony with a cup of Earl Grey wearing sunglasses and a massive scarf. The weather right now in Germany is perfect, cold enough to snuggle up in cosy knits and massive scarves but also bright blue skies and plenty of heat in the sun.

This weekend was great; on Friday I made my first solo day trip to Bamberg which I will be writing a post on soon and one of my fellow Scots that I met on the training course in Cologne came to stay! On Saturday we braved the Nuremberg nightlife and headed out for our first night out in the city and I have to say it was a pretty great yet unbelievably expensive experience. Starting our night at our new fav restaurant Hans im Gluck - just a five minute walk from the Nuremberg Hbf (main railway station) it's perfect for a casual dinner out or in our case a burger and a cheeky cocktail before we found a pub and club to move on to. Now, finding a pub in Nuremberg for some casual drinks proved to be a much more difficult task than any of us had initially imagined. It is probably because I am still needing my google maps to navigate some parts of the city and although I have a rough idea of where I am 90% of the time I have not yet been out on a search for pubs. Luckily with the help of a busker from London (when reading the word help it was really more than he sent us to a pub that sold his CD's and he played in regularly...) we found somewhere to sit and quench our thirst.

Our night ended quite literally in da Bahn as on recommendation from a previous language assistant in the Nuremberg area we decided to check out Indabahn. With "ladies being free before midnight" there is no doubt that next time we will be more punctual as entry was 10 euros! I get annoyed when I have to pay £3 to get in to the VIC in St. Andrews!! (Sidenote, this makes me so angry. Why is that necessary. What difference does it make if it is a man or a woman at the door. They still drink the same and need the same facilities. I honestly had never seen this kind of thing before and upon talking to ELA's from other parts of the world am told that it is quite common in some big cities. Ugh.)

After a slightly groggy start on Sunday morning we took the Ubahn line 1 to the nearby city of Fürth as they are currently celebrating Michaelis-Kirchweih. As one of the largest street festivals in Bavaria (I think...) we weren't sure what to expect but it is safe to say we were all pleasantly surprised with the mini Oktoberfest-esque gathering which greeted us as we came out of the station. Rows and rows of traditional German stalls selling a whole variety of foods and products lined the streets of the city, with traditional German beer stands and tiny street taverns and a collection of different rollercoasters and rides gave a real family carnival type atmosphere. We were lucky enough to arrive just in time for the start of the street parade, as floats with all sorts of floats and groups marching. From beer floats to floats made out of vegetables, real tractors to marching bands, wagons pulled by horses and men, women and children all in traditional dress, the highlight for me (and I think everyone I was there with) had to be the massive cardboard castle on a tractor playing Darude Sandstorm. You read that right, we were equally confused...

It seems like so far there are mini street festivals every weekend so it's lovely feeling like there is always something to explore. Maybe the novelty of sitting in a German beer tavern drinking beer and eating sausages might wear off soon but I think as the weather continues to get colder and the jumpers become thicker it is only going to get more exciting and cosy. It is always hard after the excitement of the weekend to motivate yourself on a Monday morning, particularly since my working week only runs from a Tuesday to a Thursday but with my best friend from St. Andrews arriving on Thursday I only have a few days to tidy up my room and get ready for my next visitor. I love it! Showing someone round the city makes me so proud and I am definitely still falling in love with Nuremberg. Today for example I took a slightly different route to get somewhere and found a little sausage stall at the side of the road selling freshly cooked sausages in a roll for less than half the price that I paid in Fürth this weekend! City life is definitely still appealing to me and I love that I don't think I have walked the same route twice to get anywhere. Every day I am still finding new things to explore.

If you have made it till the end of this post I am quite impressed it's been a long one and very diary-like. Bis Bald!! XOXO


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