Thursday, 17 November 2016

7 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week


Some of my favourite blog posts to read are the simple ones where people reflect on some of the things which made them happy so since I have had such a lovely fun-filled week I thought I would do one of my own! Being so far away from friends and family it's the little things that really give me comfort and make me happy so here is a little list of some of the things which have really given me a little boost this past week!

1. New Pyjama's - There is nothing nicer than putting on a pair of new PJ's and getting into a fresh bed. This week I bought myself and nice pair of winter PJ's from C&A with a really sweet mickey mouse print and it made me really happy.

2. Being able to travel - In the past week I have managed to make two day trips around Bavaria. I went on a little solo trip to Amberg and I also travelled to the beautiful Regensburg to meet up with some other assistants. We had such a fun day trudging around in the absolutely pouring rain. I definitely need to go back to Regensburg as it was so pretty and interesting - although definitely on a dryer day. We could hardly see the top of the Dom the mist was so thick!

3. My Friends - The night before Regensburg my friend Louise came to stay. We went out for a traditional Bavarian dinner and we hardly stopped laughing the whole night. I knew Louise from a few of my German classes at uni before I came away to Germany but it has been amazing getting to know her so much better over the past few months and when we are together I can hardly stop laughing. Friends like that are essential, especially being so far away and in such a different environment.

4. Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte - A winter fav. I am quite the coffee regular in St. Andrews and a lot of the baristas in town know my order and know me by name (unfortunately for my bank balance...) but the not so favourable exchange rate and extortionate prices of the drinks in euros has meant my trips to Starbucks have been few and far between. This week I thought I would give myself a little treat and popped in to try the Toffee Nut Latte in the new Christmas cup. It made me feel so festive I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to get really excited about Christmas already!

5. Craft with the children at school - One of my classes at school this week have been making decorated cardboard stars to sell at the Christmas Market in Nuremberg (home of the Christmas Markets fyi!) in order to raise some money for charity. I get to spend 2 lessons a week with this class so I feel like I am getting to know them all a bit more and their different personalities so it has been so lovely working with them on this project this week. From opening glue sticks to cutting out the middle of the stars, helping them pick which colour of sequins to untangling the biggest ball of wool ever, it has made me feel like such an adult being able to help them!

6. Family Coming - Tomorrow is a really exciting day for me because my family are coming to visit! I have a few things planned for them that I think they are going to love so I am really really excited to show them around Nuremberg. None of them speak German though so it might be a bit stressful trying to be the only translator for the whole group but it will be nice to prove to them I can actually speak German and hold a conversation!

7. Blogging - I am loving being able to blog a bit more now I am on my Year Abroad and I have lots of exciting things to blog about. My blog is just about to hit 3000 views which is crazy and I love that I get the odd comment on my post. Can't really believe people read what I write! I have a few exciting posts coming up I am looking forward to writing and I am starting to learn a bit more HTML coding to make my layout a bit more exciting. I recently added the interactive map section to the blog where you can see on a map where all the places I am instagramming are which I think makes all the travel posts a bit more accessible as you get a bit more of an understanding of what they are all about.

What things have made you happy this week?


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