Sunday, 6 November 2016


An impromptu post from me today to mark the end of the Herbstferien (Autumn Holidays) and to share a few pictures of how beautiful Nuremberg looks at the moment. I went on a lovely autumnal walk last weekend and took a few snaps. Since getting back from Prague on Friday it's been pretty much raining on and off here which has meant I've spent the weekend drinking copious amounts of tea and getting stuck in to my Year Abroad dissertation project. I've got a solid concept and have already submitted my first deadline and surprisingly I'm actually enjoying researching it. But the thought of writing 5000 words auf Deutsch? Cries into teacup...

With the sky getting dark around 4.30pm it is getting increasingly difficult thinking of ways to spend my evenings. From the previous posts and my insta-spam it may look like I'm having the time of my life, and don't get me wrong, I really am, but the long evenings make me realise just how busy my life at uni can be always dashing about, working past midnight and meeting friends. None of the people I have met so far in Germany actually live in Nuremberg itself so it is pretty difficult to spontaneously meet up and do things. Hopefully this will change and I will meet some more new people that live a little closer soon.

I think I'll be doing another little trip to Augsburg soon (you can read about the last time I visited the city here!) in an attempt to FINALLY fix my phone. Apple you really have led me on a merry dance these past few months and I am so not happy.

I really want to have a play about with the HTML of my blog as well and make the top a bit cleaner and also have an easier tab for navigating travel posts as I can appreciate not everyone wants to read about food/apps/diary entries all under the tab of travel so hopefully I'll manage to crack the coding soon.

There really is no rhyme nor reason to this post other than some brilliant procrastination on my part. I think tonight I will catch up on Geordie Shore (trashy tv is life) and paint my nails, OPI's "Berlin There Done That! if ya must know. My friends bought it for me as a leaving present although they said they didn't actually like the colour they just thought the name was appropriate. I on the other hand love the colour - a nice taupey grey. I also really want to start watching Netflix's new series the Crown so let me know in the comments if you'd recommend it if you have had a chance to watch it! Might wait till I get back to the UK though because I don't fancy everything being dubbed in German.



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