Saturday, 12 November 2016

Visiting Amberg

It's been a little strange being back at school this week after the Herbstferien. Even though it was only a week off it felt like much longer and being back to the early morning starts along with the fact that suddenly Nuremberg has the same climate as the arctic strangely enough I just haven't wanted to out of bed at all this week. With a whole day free on Friday I decided it was time for another little solo adventure out exploring Bavaria. Upon my flatmates recommendations I decided to hop on the train for 45 minutes and visit the little town of Amberg.

As I was sitting on the train enjoying the beautiful scenery it started snowing which was just perfect considering I was wearing vans, not the most appropriate snow footwear. The weather didn't improve as I got off the train either, it turned to Schneeregen (snow rain = sleet which I still find absolutely hilarious). The town itself is pretty cute and has a really impressive selection of shops considering it only has something like 40,000 inhabitants. It has some really interesting buildings although the awful weather didn't make it that easy to photograph anything.

It took me about 40 minutes to leisurely walk the length of the town - popping into a few shops along the way of course! For fear of catching pneumonia on the spot, I headed back to the main market square to find somewhere to eat and warm up After spotting goulash on the menu (my current obsession, seriously I could eat that stuff everyday) I decided on cafe ZENTRAL, a nice modern and reasonably priced cafĂ©/bar right on the corner of the main square. Although I found the goulash just not quite spicy enough for me it was jam packed with meat and veg so excellent value for money and the staff were so friendly. I had the perfect people-watching spot across the market place so I was quite content.

Now, when my flatmates recommended Amberg, they mentioned that there was a ""Luftmuseum" which is quite literally a museum all about air. Needless to say I was sceptical when I headed there after lunch but oh my word it was one of the coolest museums I have ever been to! With exhibits ranging from clothes made out of balloons to air powered pinball many of the exhibits were interactive and it was definitely worth the three euro ticket price! I would actually go as far to say I would recommend a visit to Amberg just to visit this museum which is a pretty big claim. I only had an hour there but could have easily spent much longer and it is definitely for children and adults alike. A lot of the exhibits had some pretty witty captions and most of it was written in English and German.

And with that, my day trip to Amberg was done. Had to get back to Nuremberg for my ritual pre-night out nap ;) Amberg was a lovely little town but I really don't think I saw it on top form, the weather really made it too cold and wet to linger around outside for too long and there were a few things which I didn't get a chance to see such as the Maria Hilf Kirche on the hill behind the city. I would like to go back though and spend a bit more time, but I think I might have to wait till Spring because this cold weather isn't going anywhere for a while.





  1. Amazing post! I love your photos!

    Bella x

  2. Great photos! They make me want to travel there too.

    Love, Kerstin

  3. Looks like an amazing city! x

    Freya |

    1. I would definitely go back, although not in such bad weather! X


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