Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2016 Review

The second thing I ever posted on here was a list of some of my goals for 2016 and it was almost a year ago! I can't believe I have had this blog for a year, it's gone by so quickly! I found it quite tricky at first to get the hang of everything and work out what sort of things I wanted to write about but once I realised I didn't need to post what I thought people would want to read, whatever I wanted to post would be fine.

Looking back on my 2016 goals made me realise just how far I've come since then! I love reading everyone's round up of the year posts but instead I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the things I wanted to achieve in 2016 and whether or not I had managed them. 

The first thing on my list was travel. Now if you've read any of my previous posts you'll know I achieved this, and pretty damn well. Obviously I knew I would be travelling to Germany but I am so proud of all the places I've been since then. PragueVienna and all the little day trips I've done by myself such as Bamberg and Amberg I have been so lucky this year. Living in Europe it's naturally a lot easier to travel to European countries but not only that, I also managed to see more of my own country too! Aberdeen in the Summer and also a quick trip to London and Brighton it's honestly just incredible how much I have been able to do this year. More amazing is how confident I have felt doing it. 

My second goal for 2016 was to eat a little healthier. Now this I have also achieved... sort of. One of my flat mates in Germany is vegetarian and as we eat together every night, most of the meals we eat are vegetarian. The relationship with food in Germany is also a little different than here. Much more focus is placed on organic produce, and meat doesn't take up so much of the spotlight. Apart from in traditional bayerisch restaurants when you'll be served half a pig and potato no veg. But this has prompted me to continue this when I come back home and go to university this year. Vegetables, especially organic ones are more expensive by a general rule, although it's something I really feel like is worth spending that little bit extra on now as I do feel noticeably different!

Now my third goal is one I definitely haven't managed quite so well, sleep. In fact, it's probably worse. I am more conscious of when I need to sleep so I do force myself to have naps often but with 6am alarms to get up for school, and many a rogue night out not ending till 6am it's one I'm definitely going to need to work on more in 2017. 

Finally after a little dip in the middle of the year, I think I've done pretty well at my fourth goal, reading. I started off the year strong, powering through some incredible classics and discovering a new favourite in Austen's Emma. Summer was also pretty good with cheap and cheerful chick lit helping me through the long rainy days at work when it was quiet, however since being in Germany I have fallen back into the awful habit of Netflix before bed instead of a good book. In fairness, I can't exactly transport mountains of books to keep me going for months so I'm going to have to look out the kindle and get downloading some on there. I did however splash out some of my Christmas money on four nice new books a few days ago. I'm currently reading Belgravia by Julian Fellowes, the screenwriter of Downton Abbey. If you like that sort of historical fiction it's definitely worth a read. With a bit more to it than many I've read before I can't wait to get to the end and see how everything pans out!

So there we go! A little round of my year. I think I did pretty well with my goals. I really enjoyed writing this post so I think I am going to have a good think about some of the things I want to do or achieve this year and write a 201 goals post. If you stuck to your resolutions then let me know what they were in the comments! I love reading these kinds of posts, I think it's so inspirational to see how people are achieving the things they want to, even if it's something as simple as just reading a little more like I did.

Happy New Year!


  1. You've travelled to some awesome places! I love that Germany focuses on organic produce and good ingredients - one of my major plans for 2017 is to eat better...maybe that's an excuse for me to visit Germany, hmm!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. Definitely!! It's such a beautiful country I can't wait to explore it more! Thanks for reading xx


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