Monday, 9 January 2017

2017 Goals

Recently I posted a reflection on my 2016 goals, something which was actually really interesting to go back and look through. To see how far I have come and how much I have actually achieved in a year is pretty amazing. I'm really interested to see how well I do with the goals I am setting myself this year because I think they are maybe going to take a little bit more work but fingers crossed!

1. Blogging: If I'm still blogging this time next year and write a round up of these goals then I'll be pretty proud of myself. Hopefully this post will be going up at the same time as I launch my new blog design which is so exciting!! I loved blogging this year and my layout was always something which bugged me and irritated me when I thought about it so if I'm going to be blogging more seriously this year then sorting my layout is my first step. I'd love to keep up with posting once a week and I think as long as I can schedule posts for when I know I'm either going to be away or just busy or even just super uninteresting then I think I'll manage it. This kind of ties in with goal number 2...

2. Organisation: With my delightful 5000 auf deutsch essay needing written in the next few months I'm going to have to get back in the academic mind-set and be a little more organised in my work. This is also going to be even more important when I go into honours in September. gah ! I've bought a beautiful diary from Urban Outfitters which hopefully I will actually keep up with using when things start getting a bit more hectic again so we will see.

3. Reading: Same goal as last year, hopefully this time I will be more successful. So far this year I have already read one amazing book which I will hopefully be posting a review on shortly cause it's so fab you all have to read it. I spend so much time travelling and sitting by myself so why do I spent that time reading twitter when I could actually be reading a good book. Idk you tell me, but hopefully this year I'll keep it up, even when I am at uni!

4. Spending: This should have been my goal every year since I've been born cause let's be honest, I can be a bit spendy. I can even imagine my friends laughing as they read that. But in all seriousness, this year I am going to be a bit more conscious. I'm definitely not saying I am not going to keep travelling around while on my year abroad but maybe the little things like a Burger King after a night out, that new top which looks suspiciously like one I already have in a slightly different shade of white, that starbucks and the list goes on....

I love reading these kinds of posts so link me yours in the comments if you have written one! Also please please let me know what you think of my new layout! I've jiggled the pages around to keep it a bit cleaner and easier to navigate although I'm still working through old posts trying to get them in the right categories.  Hope you like it!



  1. Lol at the spendy part - I can't save money at all! I seem to blow it all on makeup!
    Ela |

    1. Yes! I've been quite good recently at not buying makeup (aside a lovely new NYX lip lingerie.....) but clothes have been my absolute downfall! X


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