Wednesday, 18 January 2017

7 Happy Things #2

This may be the most candid I have ever been and not looked like some strangely deformed goblin.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back. Re-evaluate the situation. Take a moment. And I'm going to do that right now. A while ago I posted a rather dodgily photographed post about 7 things that had made me happy that week. You can find the post here but I warn you, the formatting is having a party and is all over the place. The sentiment and the words however remain the same.

Since being back in Germany life has been slow, the nights have been long yet it has been hectic and after a v emotional movie which I'll get on to in a second I had a teary moment on the ubahn, called my absolute rock of a best friend (not in the sense she is literally a rock, she's my rock) and went to sleep feeling much better having had a wee cry. A few days later I've planned some exciting things for my week and am feeling ready to take on whatever the week throws at me, so I thought I would take a moment to write out some of the things that have made me happy this past week and as you're reading I want you to think of some of your own.

Also, although I wont be posting this on Blue Monday I did write it on blue Monday so there. Sucks to be you blue Monday with all this happiness eh.

1. Bayreuth: I won't talk for long about it since I wrote a whole blog post on it here! But I had a lovely day in the snow with some lovely people.

2. La La Land: Now this is the sad movie that caused the rather unfortunate teary incident on the Ubahn. What an amazing movie though. The costumes and the use of colours were fantastic and of course looking at beautiful Ryan Gosling for around two hours isn't a bad way to pass the time. Through using the same songs throughout the movie you really felt the meaning of the music and I would definitely recommend going to see it. I would also say that it is unlikely you will cry, I'm just too much of a romantic and teary at the best of times never mind when I'm running on like five hours sleep. Bit of a contradiction putting it in a post about things that made me happy but I couldn't not include it.

3. Reading: In keeping with my 2017 goal I am nearly finished my second book of the year, The Princess Bride by William Goldman. Recommended to me in movie form, when I saw the book on the shelves of Waterstones I thought I should definitely give it a read before I watch the movie. A step away from my usual chick-lit endeavours I have really enjoyed it. A fairy tale for adults who have a great imagination.

4. Blogging: Over the past week I have gained followers on my Bloglovin account and it has made me realise that people (that are not my grandparents and the friends I force to so I don't have to type the same thing out to each one) are actually reading my blog! How exciting is that. If you don't know what Bloglovin is, it is essentially a site that collates all your favourite blogs into one reading list meaning you don't miss a post. Click here to be taken to the page if you are interested.

5. Stuttgart: I booked a trip to Stuttgart for the beginning of February with some of the other ELA's and it is going to be epic.

6. A Candle: Literally the most shocking thing to happen in 2017 so far. I, the child who was absolutely terrified of candles particularly after the Easter candle fell on the head of the priest at church on my 9th birthday causing me to throw up and have to miss the first part of my party as I had to lie down, bought myself a candle. Not a fancy one, a simple Glade three smells in one kind of job. But I am putting my incredible attempt at tidiness and focus on working, down to the little jar. Something about it is helping me concentrate.

7. A Series of Unfortunate Events: It has finally arrived on Netflix. My childhood in a Netflix series. I am now on episode 4 and am absolutely adoring it. Neil Patrick Harris is doing a terrifyingly good job as Count Olaf, and although it took me a while to get used to the set and the lighting I feel like by the end of episode one it couldn't have done justice in any other way.
Upon rereading this paragraph I would just like to clarify that my childhood itself was not a series of unfortunate events, I had a very lovely time in fact. Moreover I was absolutely obsessed with the book series and even read all the little extra books they brought out.

I hope reading this post has made you think of a few things that have really made you happy this week and if it has, please let me know in the comments because I love love love reading them.


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