Sunday, 29 January 2017

Bavarian Beauty Spot; Das Oberhaus, Passau

Bavaria is absolutely beautiful, from the landscapes to the architecture even a simple train ride provides the most incredible views and I've said countless times before just how lucky I feel to be living here.
One of my favourite spots that I have visited so far is actually in the little town of Passau where my friend Louise lives. It's roughly 2 hours from Nuremberg on an ICE train so it's a little far for a day trip, but this weekend I travelled there again to celebrate a friends 21st birthday and catch up with the girls. Whilst we were there I took the opportunity to climb up to the Oberhaus, a striking 13th century fortress that sits above Passau on the hill. It gives you the most incredible views over the town and you can even see all the way down into Austria!
I had climbed up to it once before with Louise when I visited her back in December to look round the Christmas market, so I have added some of those photos to the bottom of this post as well just so you can see what it actually looks like on a sunny day!
This time though, we made the rather large mistake of walking up the stairs which were covered in ice, reflecting back I cannot believe we actually managed it considering how dangerous and slippy it was. However on a dry day it is absolutely fine and doesn't take too long to climb, with plenty of viewpoints along the way.
Unfortunately this time was rather foggy, and with the position of the sun it was difficult to see everything as clearly. However I actually love the way some of the photos have turned out, it gives them an almost magical feel.
If you've ever lived in or visited Bavaria what are some of your must see spots so I can add them to my list! XOXO
The view the first time I went up, totally different on a clear day!

Das Oberhaus



  1. This is so beautiful! I've not really explored Germany at all yet. It's high on my list for next year I think! A roadtrip in Bavaria would be amazing <3

    Little Miss Katy

    1. Definitely! Bavaria is so unique and I've not found a town big or small yet that doesn't have some sort of beauty or interesting feature! xx


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