Monday, 23 January 2017

Girls weekend in the Bavarian Forest; Waldkirchen

Happy Monday! Just a quick post from me today but I just wanted to share some photos from my incredible weekend in the little town of Waldkirchen just on the edge of the Bavarian Forest. It was lovely to catch up with the Bayern girls and it's always so reassuring to speak to everyone and you often find that everyone is struggling with the same issues. I met the girls in the christened city of "Regeh" (or Regensburg) and we piled into a hired car, set the Navi and were on our way. Needless to say not everything went smoothly, and twenty minutes after passing the Austrian border we began to question the ever increasing arrival time shown on our wonderful Navi.

Travelling issues aside, I was truly blown away by how beautiful Waldkirchen was. No German I had spoken about the trip with had ever been, but all were pretty sceptical as to why we would want to visit such a small town in the forest. That's one thing I have found about a lot of Germans but I also think it applies to many people no matter what country they live in, people just really do not appreciate what is on their doorstep. We always want to go away and travel, exploring new places is seen as an exotic thing and many people overlook the beauty and adventures which lie right outside their front door.

The town itself was small, but with a lovely colourful high street and some special little cafes with incredible cakes. My friend Louise even claimed that was the best cake she had ever eaten in her life! Quite the accolade. We stayed about a ten minutes walk uphill from the high street, which was perfect, as from our balcony window we could see right down into the town. Surrounded by hills and knee deep snow, it was lovely to escape the stress of the city and just be in the peaceful fresh air for a while.

Our weekend was spent chatting, cooking and just generally chilling. We went on a lovely four hour (that includes a one hour cake break...) walk through the woods which provided some excellent photo opportunities and Instagram material.

I feel really lucky that I have bonded so well with so many of the girls that are in Bavaria and its lovely to have a big group to go exploring with. A weekend out the city in the fresh air was exactly what I needed, as this weeks plans consist almost solely of dissertation writing and trying to sort out housing for next year. #joy

Hope you have all had a great weekend too!



  1. Oh my goodness, look at all the snow! Eeeeep. I am so in love with the idea of snow! It sounds like a lovely weekend! I love the nice, relaxed type of weekends that you described. They're so underrated. Especially weekends that involve cake.


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