Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Perfect Start to 2017

New Year's Eve is always a bit of an anti-climax. Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent excuse to have a party and meet up with friends and just generally go a bit mad, but nothing actually changes overnight. But there's something about the 01/01 that makes me feel that little bit more positive and ready for a challenge.

Last year I spent New Year's Eve in London which was absolutely totally and utterly magical and honestly one of the best trips I have ever been on in my life. Knowing that no trip would ever match up to last year, I decided that a quiet New Year's Eve catching up with two of my best friends Laura and Euan would be more than enough. Travelling back to St. Andrew's wasn't something I was expecting to do until next September. As much as I am loving the freedom and the adventure that is my year abroad in Germany, if I am being honest, I was scared that visiting St. Andrews would make me miss it too much and stop me from looking forward to flying back out to Nuremberg. So as excited as I was on my ferry then train then other train then bus, I was ever so slightly nervous too.

Obviously the second I was off my bus that all completely disappeared as I was swung off the ground by my friend Laura as we had possibly the tightest hug of my life squealing "I've missed you so much" over and over again. It's true though. Seeing them made me realise I really had missed them so much. Upon arriving back at the flat I was surprised by another of my best friends Sarah, who I thought was spending NYE in London but had decided last minute to fly up to Scotland to spend some time with me. How cute. I nearly cried.

We spent the last few minutes of 2016 in typical us fashion, being silly, playing games and eating a lot of food. The girls had made our own props for a photobooth and I think we must have taken hundreds of photos which I can't wait to get printed and pin up all round my room in Germany. Our piƱata was christened Donald (I think...) and we danced and drank magnums of prosecco all night until the bells chimed in 2017 and we all went to bed.

The next morning after quite literally a brunch of champions, we went for a gorgeous walk along West Sands, quite literally one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Albeit it one of the coldest. I could walk on that beach every day and never get tired of the beautiful views of St. Andrews or the long perfect sand stretching out in front of me.

After a nearly teary goodbye I hopped on the train to spend a night in the beautiful Edinburgh with my castle friend before going home. At school, every year we would go to the theatre around Christmas time and it is something that really makes me feel festive. I have tried to carry that on since being at university however obviously this year that wasn't going to be possible. However when I realised that I was going to have a spare evening in Edinburgh I couldn't help myself having a quick look through the theatre listings to see if there was anything exciting on. When I saw Mamma Mia was on at the Playhouse I managed to persuade my friend to come with me. I loved the movie when it came out years ago and I am a big fan of musicals in general so I was quite looking forward to seeing it. Never have I ever sat and cheesy grinned the whole way through a performance until now. It was funny, uplifting and at the end I couldn't help myself singing and dancing along. If you get the chance I would definitely recommend going to see it. I would 10000% go and see it again if it came back up to Scotland.

And with that, 2017 is now truly underway. Although I am now absolutely loaded with the cold (can't decide whether to blame Sarah or mum but either way I'm not happy) I am now really excited to see what 2017 holds! A post on my 2017 goals will be coming up soon when I've fully decided what they are going to be. Hope you all had a good NYE too, let me know how you spent it in the comments!


Obviously had to squeeze in a visit to the Edinburgh Christmas market!


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