Monday, 13 February 2017

7 Happy Things #3

I love these posts. So I am doing another one. Sitting and listing all the things that have made me happy last week is actually incredibly therapeutic and it always reminds me to take joy out of the simple things instead of constantly worrying about big projects or feeling like I always have to be chasing after something.

Charlie Puth: So, everyone knows the song One Call Away, but recently I was listening to the UK Top 50 playlist on Spotify and  the song Dangerously came on. Obviously I instantly fell in love with it and began listening to the rest of the album. Oh gahd its amazing. Definitely one to have on in the background when you are studying or doing other things it's great.

Pool: As in the game. Intending to go bowling last week, my friends and I headed to Blu Bowl in Nuremberg for their Thursday night 99 cent lanes. As we didn't realise you could pre book your lane we were of course waaay too late and so decided to play pool instead. I think this has only made it to my favourites because I won all my games... I love pool. It's such a chilled way to spend an evening or afternoon in the pub.
Side note talking about pubs, a few nights ago I was having a few beers with some friends and someone had a drone inside the pub and it got caught in my hair. Absolute disastrous scenes.

Stuttgart: I had such a lovely weekend trip away with some of the other assistants. You can read all about it here!

Brunch: Last Saturday I went for brunch with my friend Charles to plan yet another trip away, Frankfurt here we come ;) After reading a few recommendations on the internet I booked a table at "Das Paul" on Kaiserstr. With super modern interiors (and prices to match..) it was one of the best brunches I have had in a long time. I went for the customisable poached eggs on sourdough, and chose bacon and avocado creme as my toppings. It was HEAVENLY. See photographic evidence above.

The Six Nations: Best time of the year. I LOVE the six nations. Ever since I first went with my school on a weekend trip to see Scotland play England at Murrayfield I have been absolutely hooked. Nothing beats a Saturday in the pub, with a nice cold cider/beer, a big plate of nachos/chips and the rugby on the television. This year I also discovered the fantasy league so have of course created a family tournament. Another thing which totally shows my uncompetitive nature...
I've just realised I have mentioned pubs three times in this post. I promise you I don't spend my life in a pub. It just looks that way today!

Writing my Essay: If you haven't read some of my previous posts, I am in the middle of writing my 5000 words dissertation for my year abroad, all in German. No way did I ever think this would be possible. Writing is probably the hardest thing for me now that I have conquered my bizarre fear of speaking. I find the grammar so complicated, if you study or have ever studied German you will understand what I mean. It's just ghastly. But I have really been enjoying spending a few days here and there getting absorbed in my essay, I find the topic challenging mentally and am really enjoying my research. So as "sad" as it might be, it's been making me happy the past few weeks!

Travel: I have booked so many exciting trips. It's nearly Fasching here in Germany, which means a week off school yahoooooooo. What it also does mean though is more time to travel. With the biggest Karneval being held in Cologne you can bet your bottom dollar I will find a way to be there with previously mentioned brunch Charles, with a stop off in Frankfurt along the way to experience a different kind of German city. A spring back from Cologne will see me head off skiing in Italy. First time skiing and first time in Italy I can't wait!

I'm finishing editing this post in Coffee Fellows in my weekly Monday Pause, and you know what else is making me happy? The beastly size of their mugs when you order tea. A proper chunky homely mug, they even had English Breakfast. That made me very happy. And they are playing Antenna Bayern, what more could you want??




  1. Ooh your brunch looked so tasty, exciting to hear about your travels too, Frankfurt has been at the top of my list for a while now :)


    1. Thanks for reading Elle! I can't wait, it looks so different from all the cities I've visited so far with it's skyscrapers and skyline! xo


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