Saturday, 11 February 2017

Saturday Strolls

Happy Saturday! The sun is shining, the city is buzzing and it officially feels like the start of Spring. (Pls don't snow tomorrow and prove me wrong...) I was up and out quite early this morning, I count 10am as early on a weekend ok? I met my friend for brunch which was absolutely delightful and almost definitely will make its way into a blog post later in the week. Then I just went for a wander.

When I arrived in Nuremberg, I spent the first few weekends and almost every day after school just walking about. Everything was new to me then and there was always a new street to walk down or a new shop to discover. However, over Winter naturally as the weather got colder I did that less and less. I headed out, bundled up in a hundred layers straight to my destination and then straight back home into the warmth as soon as possible.

It was so lovely to just walk around and the atmosphere in the city was great. A protest, a market, buskers, chatter, excitement and genuine happiness and passion. I am definitely a city girl at this point in my life and living in Nuremberg has made me realise that.

Not paying attention to my route I wandered down one of the smaller, older streets and stumbled across the most incredible tiny craft shop. I got some beautiful cards and postcards then headed back up towards the main market square to see if there were any exciting stalls. After getting a coffee from a man selling it from his bike I headed home, happy and content.

I am so excited for the weather to get warmer and for more Saturday adventures round the city. After a really busy first few weeks back in Germany it was lovely to spend some time in my own city.

What have you been up to this sunny Saturday? Has Spring arrived where you are? I also edited the photos for this post a little for a change, let me know if you prefer unedited or edited ones! :)


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