Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Top Tips for Travelling on a Budget

I adore travelling; exploring somewhere new, trying something I have never before, seeing things for the first or hundredth time. I get such a buzz. However I don't exactly have an endless budget to fund this, despite what it might seem like on my Instagram or travel blog posts!! I am by no means one that is good with money, in fact I'm pretty bad when it comes to impulse purchasing, but prioritising travel on my year abroad has forced me to think of ways to cut costs when travelling and make the most of what I can afford. So here are my top tips for travelling on a budget!!

Be flexible: This is by far the most important. For all of these tips to work you are going to need to be flexible with your expectations and what you want to do whilst travelling.

Consider when you are travelling: I would like to think this is pretty obvious but if there is somewhere you want to visit, consider whether or not it is going to be peak travelling time and therefore generally more expensive. It is definitely worth checking online beforehand whether or not there is a festival or an event on which is going to make the prices higher.

How are you getting there? Most people's natural assumption is that airfare is expensive and going to take up the bulk of your budget. However if you plan in advance this isn't always the case. Budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet have excellent sales and can be really cheap if you know what you're looking for. I have recently bought flights to Italy for a mere 9,99 one way, so it is possible!
Unlike in Britain, I have found that the cost can really vary in rail ticket prices here in Germany, so it's worth having a look beforehand to see if there are cheaper seats available.

I've mentioned it before but Flixbus is a great way to travel round Europe. Admittedly it will take a lot longer to get places than by train but often the savings are huge. Travelling overnight with Flixbus is often the cheapest and it is comfortable enough that you can just sleep on the bus if you are willing.

Remember travel costs when you are actually there: This is one I need to think of more myself when I am travelling. It's all very well your flights costing a tenner but if it's going to cost you a fortune to get around the city or travel between cities then it will all add up. Check with the rail networks for group discounts if you are in a group, such as the Bayern Ticket in Bavaria with DB. It lets you travel all round the region for a fixed price of 31 euros for two people, which is much cheaper than buying individual returns. There are options for solo or group travel on the ticket so it's definitely worth asking or looking up to see if there are similar options where you are.

Accommodation: I posted recently about my experience with airbnb, and it is definitely my first point of call when looking for accommodation. Living in a house just gives you such a different experience to a hotel and is often so much cheaper. Hostels are also a great way to meet people and you'll often find they are in a similar situation to you and are again usually much cheaper than a hotel!

Do you really need a suitcase? With some flights suitcases aren't included so if you can squeeze everything you need into your rucksack then it's definitely worth it! Not only do you save money straight away, you'll also avoid fees if you need to leave your suitcase in a locker whilst you explore which can often be annoyingly expensive. It leaves you freer to start exploring the minute you arrive without having to worry about where to put your luggage!

Cooking for yourself can be just as fun: Those that know me well will know I am a bit of a fan of doing a food shop, I can easily spend an hour on my weekly shop in Tesco. When I travel, if I'm away for the weekend I will try and cook almost all of my meals myself. Not only will it save you a lot of money, visiting the local supermarket is always interesting. You get to mix with the locals and see what kinds of things people buy and eat and as long as you have a kitchen (most hostels have a communal kitchen and if you rent a whole house your airbnb will have one!) you're set!

Some of my favourite memories from travelling haven't been the museums I have visited, or the expensive things I have bought but just the simple moments which have been completely free. Watching the sunset in Prague and the free organ concert in Vienna were such special memories that I didn't need to pay anything for. Before I go away anywhere I like to read other people's blog posts about tips and tricks that they have found so definitely have a look online for free activities that you can do before you go away.

If you have got any tips for travelling on a budget please leave them in the comments! With two big trips coming up next week for the school holidays and two more booked for the Easter break I am definitely going to need to watch my spending! I have also updated my post on my 5 essential travel apps so be sure to check out that post too!



  1. Great points! Being flexible is key if you have a set budget for a particular travel, and I love your point on cooking being just as fun when done yourself! :)

    1. Glad you liked it, thanks for reading! I definitely think so and you don't even miss out on trying local foods as you can buy them yourself :) x

  2. I've taken the overnight bus from London to Paris several times and it's such a great money-saving strategy! x

    1. That's great! It also means you don't miss out on daylight time and the journey always passes so much quicker when you're asleep! x


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