Monday, 13 March 2017

7 Happy Things #4

HAPPY MONDAY! I was a bit stumped when I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about this week. All my ideas are falling a little flat and I simply have not had the time to focus on blogging like I have done so far this year. I've mentioned this before, but in my hour long Monday morning break I love to come in to the city and just find somewhere to sit and blog, whether it's just reading other blogs, working on some posts or doing some editing it's just such a nice relaxed way to start my week. I am determined to start the week in a happy and positive note (the weekend was ever so slightly crazy and it's kind of knocked me a little) so without anymore waffling, let's get down to the 7 things that have made me happy last week/recently.

1. Sunshine: So I think in my last happy things post I mentioned that I was looooooving the fact that Spring was here. Well, Spring left us for a little while again and we had a very rainy and dull last week. But hallo it's back, and with the weather forecast claiming a pretty massive 18 degrees on Friday I am just praying it is here to stay. It also makes my plants happy so that makes me happy!

2. Ed Sheeran: If you haven't heard Ed Sheeran's new album divide, then you most definitely have been living under a rock. It's so beautiful. I'm gonna make a pretty big claim here and say Galway Girl is my favourite but with Happier, Perfect and New Man coming a prettttty tight joint-second.

3. McDonalds: Right, here me out here. But in my quest for Wifi and a cup of tea to do my Monday blogging I decided on a whim to check out the McCafe in the train station in Nuremberg. For just 2,89 I got a decent sized mug of English Breakfast Tea - that stuff is sssso hard to find here!! and a chunky triple chocolate cookie. Yes the neon colour scheme is slightly off putting, but the cafĂ© section is actually pretty nicely decorated and much better value for money than the 3,00 they are charging elsewhere for just the tea!

4. Dirndl's: If you don't know too much about German culture, the national dress, especially worn in the South in Bavaria, is the Dirndl for girls, and Lederhosen for boys. I was at a beer festival this weekend in Munich and was so excited that I had another opportunity to wear my dirndl. It's amazing as well, because almost nobody bats an eyelid when you are walking down the street, quite unlike if you saw someone in Scotland wearing a full kilt sitting on a train in the middle of the day. With a full calendar of beer/volks festivals coming up over the next few months I am going to get plenty more chances to embrace my inner Bavarian and swish around in my dirndl.

5. Planning: In about three weeks time I am heading back to the UK for the first time since Christmas to stay with a friend in London for the weekend then hop on a plane up to Glasgow to see my family. I am not so much excited to be going home because I feel homesick or feel that I need to, more that I am excited to be back in the UK. I love London and cannot wait for a chance to explore properly, as I have only really been there for day before. I am also in the middle of planning and finding accommodation for my 21st birthday trip to Italy! I still cannot believe it is happening, I have been dreaming about going to Italy for a good few years now, feel like a veryyy lucky girl.

6. Friends: It was so lovely seeing all the girls this weekend and hopefully I will see them again at some point this month. It's great to know that I have so many lovely people I can visit around my region - if you are planning on doing a year abroad or are on it now and haven't yet, getting to know the other people living nearby you is just so important and I can't recommend it enough!

7. Opera: Bit rogue here, but on a whim a few months ago we booked tickets to go to the Opera in Nuremberg to see part two of Wagner's Niberlungenleid Saga. I loved the setting and despite not completely being able to follow the plot, the beauty of the music and the singing was enough. I'm really enjoying doing so many different things at the moment and the opera is not something you get to do every day!

As always, let me know in the comments what has been making you happy recently? My afternoon plans include sitting on the balcony in the sunshine and editing my essay, 3000/5000 words down. Getting there, slowly....



  1. Love the positive vibe of this post and I totally agree - wearing a dirndl when visiting Germany was one of my favorites!

    1. Thank you! It's much much fun to try and understand other cultures by trying out their traditions! :) x


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