Wednesday, 8 March 2017

It's Not Too Late To Try Something New!

It's hard to describe how magical this last week has been for me. I have had absolutely no time to blog so apologies for that. After my time in Frankfurt to the craziness of Fasching in Mainz and Cologne I probably should have had a rest and taken the rest of the week easy. But nah, not my style. Instead, I joined my flatmates and a group of their friends for my first ever skiing trip in South Tirol.

I had never been skiing before, I didn't even know what ski shoes looked like. I was so confused as to how skis stayed on your feet. Everyone told me that it was going to be so so difficult, many people actually laughed when I said I had never been skiing before. I was terrified I would break a bone or spend the weekend face down in snow. As excited as I was, the scepticism of everyone else was kind of making me scared.


After the first day I was absolutely flying. Something just clicked. By the third day I conquered not only a red slope, but a black slope too. For those of you who have never been skiing, the slopes are rated in difficulty with blue being the easiest, red being for intermediates and black being difficult. Never did I think I would even make it to a red slope by the end of the five day trip never mind a black by day three!

I wish I had discovered my love for skiing before now, however it was just something that had never really crossed my radar. It was expensive and I assumed just so difficult and not my thing. I wish I had tried it earlier. I am already trying to work out when the next time I will be able to go skiing is!!

So the moral of the blog post, is that if there is something you have been wanting to try or are just feeling a little bored with your current hobbies or routine then now is definitely the time to try something new! The worst that can happen is you don't like it and then you never have to do it again!

Have you tried something new recently? Let me know what it was in the comments!



  1. This looks incredible! I've never been skiing, can you believe that? I must go these photos are beautiful!

    Georgina xx

    1. Thank you so much for reading, it really is so beautiful among the mountains when they are covered in snow :) xx

  2. I love this post! I've never been skiing because like you I just assume it's expensive and difficult. This has really made me want to go!
    Jen, Velvet Spring. xo

  3. You definitely should try it :) Thank you for reading xx

  4. How lovely to have found out on a spontaneous trip that you're comfortable with skiing! These snowy shots are making me want to head to mountains asap :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Worldwide Hotel Chocolat Giveaway x

    1. Ahh looking at them makes me want to do that too haha! Thanks for reading :) xx


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