Monday, 10 April 2017

7 Happy Things #6

Another two weeks have passed now so it's time for my fortnightly little round up of some things that have been making me happy. Let's get straight in!

Being in London: So I'm sure there will be about a zillion posts on London over the course of the next few weeks but I had the best time ever and even had a little cry the night before I was leaving because I had such a nice time and I didn't want it to end.

Flying Without Stress: I have a total of six flights during the Easter holidays, of which I have had two so far! I hate flying so much but every time I do it it gets that little bit easier. I'll never be a totally anxiety free flyer but I'm working out the little things which help me to feel better.

Flowers: I took a picture of these flowers when I was in Notting Hill and they were just so beautiful. Flowers make everything seem happier and I don't think they will ever not have a place in my happy posts.

Frühlingsfest: One of the schools I work in held a spring festival last week. All the children prepared activities for each other and the sun was shining and it was such a lovely day. They had practised songs and they all seemed to really enjoy themselves too.

Sandals: this might be a bit of a strange one but it's so so nice that the last few days have been warm enough not to have to wear socks and shoes. I love having the air about my feet and I bought a lovely nude pair from Mango which you can find here!. They are so comfy and the perfect sandal to go with any outfit I think.

Heat: Now I know not everyone will have been experiencing this recently, but I have been so so lucky with the weather! It was really quite warm in Nuremberg before I left, around 19-23 degrees pretty much the whole week and then the weather in London was gorgeous too. I definitely notice a change in my mood when it's warm and I cannot wait for another week of sun in Italy next week!

Since I did a food favourite last time, I think I will do a drinks favourite this time. With all the good weather and being back in Britain the past few days it just has to be Pimms. I went to Greenwich whilst I was in London and we stopped off in the pub, The Crown and The Rose and they served the best Pimms I have ever tasted!! I think because it was made in a glass and not in a jug the fruit really had a chance to mix and it was so juicy and refreshing after a pretty hot day in the 24 degree sun! Bliss!

So there you have it, my 7 happy things from the past two weeks. I have actually written this post on my flight from London back up to Glasgow where I'll spend a couple of days at home. It's going to be such a busy next month or so in Germany and although I am really looking forward to it, I do feel slightly overwhelmed. I have about six weeks left and then my time in Germany is over. In some ways I am excited to be back in Scotland, my sense of adventure has only increased since being away and I can't wait to explore a bit more of Scotland and maybe also England over the Summer as well as working in the same job in a different office. However it's obviously the end of a very exciting little chapter of my life and I am really going to miss it. I hope you are all having a great Monday so far!
Let me know in the comments what things have been making you happy!



  1. I really love London too, I'm only about an hour away on the train so I should really visit more.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. I have been three times now and have fallen more in love with the city every time! :) Thanks for reading xx

  2. What a lovely post! Im glad you enjoyed your stay in London.
    Kate xx

    1. So glad you liked it, thanks for reading!! xx


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