Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Exploring Camden Market; London

Time to kick off the London posts, I have a feeling there are going to be quite a few because I had the best bloody time ever. I love London, the atmosphere, the fact that although the city is so unbelievably big, there is a certain community feel to it. If you manage to break in to it that is, which was definitely not what I was doing as I asked the ticket inspector in Clapham how I bought a ticket for the tube and he stared at me in absolute confusion. “You just want a day ticket, right?” “Yeah I do, but where are the ticket machines?” Not only were the ticket machines directly behind where I was standing, but apparently oyster cards and contactless are the thing to do. But after day one I was sashaying around the London underground flashing my card and strolling on through.

I had the first day in London pretty much to do as I pleased. My friend Charles was also on my flight and staying with friends there too, so whilst they were all at work doing proper jobs like real adults, we decided to go out and explore a little. I had heard only good things about Camden Market so I thought we should go and check it out. I have a newfound appreciation for markets since I have been on my year abroad. Although most of it I hate to say is usually totally not my thing, there are always some gems to be found and I love the low buzz and bustle of people.

Taking the tube out to Camden was easy enough and from there we just went for a wander. I honestly could not believe how large the market was, it just kept going and going! And the smells! Without a doubt the best street food market I have ever seen! No matter what kind of food you like there is something for you in Camden. Specialities from every nationality, sweet, savoury or a mixture of the two! It really was incredible and it took us about an hour to decide what we wanted! I went for a chicken fajita from one of the stalls and oh em gee I cannot believe how good it was! My friend Charles had some form of curry in a wrap which he said was also amazing! I also really liked the section of the market which was built into the old horse stables, it was really interesting architecture. The story of the growth of Camden market is also printed on some display boards which is also a pretty interesting read.

If you are in London for a few days and what to check out a different part of the city I would definitely recommend popping along to Camden. It's really easy to get to on the Northern line and you can easily spend an hour or two grabbing some food or a full day exploring all the different things there are on offer!

Have you ever been to Camden market? What did you think??




  1. That's such a fancy market! I am in awe of the architecture! :)

    Angelie // Chocolate Hills - Bohol, Philippines

    1. It really is incredible!! Thanks for reading xx


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