Thursday, 6 April 2017

Hand Luggage Only Makeup

Packing is stressful enough when you have a checked in suitcase, never mind when you are flying with just hand luggage. Nobody I know would ever tell you I am good at packing light. I just like to be prepared ok! For my flight to London tonight, I only have hand luggage, which is ever so slightly stressful. Admittedly I am only going to be in the city for four nights before I fly home to Glasgow next week for a couple of days, however I am still planning on going out for dinner and even trying to squeeze in a trip to the theatre. However with the strict security regulations on liquids, packing my makeup has been a little big of a struggle. With a 100ml max volume on liquids and not actually all that much space, I have had to be ruthless with my skincare and makeup. So instead of doing the 1000 things I should be doing this afternoon (including working on my Year Abroad dissertation which is due in the next few weeks) I thought I would give you a run down of everything that will be accompanying me on the trip. Hopefully it will give you a few tips for next time you are travelling light or even flying yourself. Just to point out, the friend I am staying with in London is being a hero and has picked me up shampoo, conditioner and shower gel minis so I don't need to bring them! I have tried, where possible to pick products that have a double function so that I don't need to bring separate products.

So here are my liquids! I am pretty proud of myself here, managing to squeeze both skincare and makeup into one bag! Now you may be noticing the absence of a cleanser, I am going to use the Garnier Micellar water while I am in London so all I need to bring are cotton pads. For moisturiser I have packed the Olay essentials complete care day cream (Olaz is the German version!) Now this one cost me less than three euros, according to my friend Danielle it is much more expensive in the UK. It is for sensitive skin and also works as a primer, meaning that's one less liquid I have to bring with me. I like the consistency and it does moisturise my skin pretty well. Of course we have a roll of deodorant since you can't bring aerosols and my current perfume favourite, Ghost. A small decleor oil serum that I got a while ago in a beauty box which I haven't tried yet, but I do like using a serum every second night, especially if I only have the olay day cream with me. As I desperately need a haircut, an oil for my hair is an essential so I am bringing this one from Trevor Sorbie which I have lost the top of. Claaaassic Zara.

Now on to the liquid makeup. I have my favourite tinted moisturiser of all time, the NARS Pure Radiant in the colour Alaska. I chose this over a foundation due to the fact it has SPF 30 in it so I didn't have to pack a separate sun cream. Since my Tartiest Mascara is running dry, I've packed my other fav of the moment, the Mally volumizing mascara. This miniature of the Benefit Sunbeam is the perfect highlighter as you can blend it in with your fingers or sponge and don't need a brush! My Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip-gloss is the perfect nude shade to compliment the other liners and lipsticks I am taking. And finally, I am never far away from a L'oreal Superliner in Black, in fact, I currently have three of these out here in Germany and I'm not quite sure how that happened...

 I've also included some pictures of the other powder based products that don't need to go in the liquid bag in case you were nosy. Of course I am taking my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, despite being pretty chunky and heavy and although I definitely have smaller palettes I just love the shades of pink in this so much. It is also a pretty versatile palette with the golds and the more taupe colours, and I have included a bronze eyeshadow from KIKO (click the link to read my first impressions post for more info!) My Mac Painterly Paint Pot acts as the perfect eyeshadow primer or on days where I don't want to wear much makeup but want something to even out my eyes. I have two lip choices, one nude by L'OrĂ©al and one pink mini from Bare Minerals. My Bare Minerals face powder and the contour kit by Collection finish off my makeup bag!

I think I have done pretty well in picking products to take, everything is under 100ml and fits into the little plastic bag perfectly. I did cheat slightly by having shampoo and conditioner bought in London waiting for me. Let me know in the comments what liquids you would take if you only had hand luggage to travel!

I am hoping to create lots of content based around my trip in London so let me know if there is anything you would love to see. I am hoping to visit Notting Hill and go for drinks at the Sky Garden so there will probably be a post on them which is so exciting. I have really missed writing travel content the past few weeks as I have been spending most of my time at home in Nuremberg.

What aer your travel makeup essentials? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Oh, you are so well organized... Respect! I usually travel with concealer, highlighter, blush and mascara only. Need to think of improving my routines :)

  2. Organised in some ways, definitely should be finishing packing now instead of replying to blog comments though....
    Concealer is the one thing I am missing at the moment, most of mine have dried up so I am going to try and get one when I'm back in the UK :) It's such an essential x


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