Wednesday, 10 May 2017

10 Things I Miss About The UK

It's the two week countdown. Duh dum dummm. Two weeks today I will be back in the UK for the foreseeable future. Well, two years at least till I finish my degree then who knows. I have posted quite a few times about the ways in which Germany is different from the UK, from my take on a German night out, to the mistakes not to make in Germany. However, today I wanted to write about some of the *random*  things I am seriously missing about my home country. Sorry family and friends, you didn't make the list ;)

Customer Service: Oh Germany you have so much to learn. One of my absolute pet hates here is when your plate gets taken away in a restaurant if everyone at the table isn't finished. Come on now it's just polite to wait. Let's just say you don't always get service with a smile either. Not to say I have always had bad service here, it's just noticeably different.

Daytime TV: As much of the German version of the Chase can be exciting, it's no Pointless. I don't actually watch that much TV but I have to say, there have been times when I have just wanted to sit down with a cup of tea and watch Homes Under The Hammer. I'm a cool kid.

Costa: I'm surprised Costa haven't emailed to check I am OK after the lack of activity on my costa card the past nine months considering I must be one of their most loyal customers. Lol jks, but coffees with syrups haven't really become a thing over here yet, and sometimes you just need a vanilla latte y'know?

Biscuits: Specifically Maryland Chocolate Chip Cookies. Oh and now that I think about it Jaffa Cakes. And Digestives to dip in tea. In fact, biscuits in general. Although I will miss German chocolate.

Glossy Magazines: Reading Glamour and Cosmopolitan in German in the bath isn't quite the same relaxing experience when you have to look up the slang words every few minutes.

Reality TV Shows: All of a sudden every man and his dog seems to be watching Made in Chelsea and tweeting/snapchatting about it and it is making me jealous. I cannot wait to catch up over Summer! I'll also admit, I am also looking forward to catching up with the new season of Geordie Shore. There. I said it....

The British Character: I never thought I'd say this as someone that would chat to anyone, even a tree, but boy am I looking forward to going out and not being stared at or approached on a night out or even in the day. Let's just say boys here are a lot more forward and sometimes it just makes me feel awkward.

Takeaways: I miss my local takeaway and I am not ashamed to admit that. No matter where you try a takeaway, it'll never compare to your local.

Contactless: Can Germany please just join the 21st century. If contactless is a step too far can you at least install card readers into all shops and cafes? I am so bad at forgetting to draw out cash at a machine and have been left a bit stuck more than a few times. I can't wait to be able to pay for a packet of chewing gum on contactless and not have to carry bags of change again.

Chips and Cheese:
For those of me who know me from University, I like my chips and cheese. Specifically I like it around 2am with garlic sauce. Which just doesn't exist in Germany. How have I coped I hear you ask? McDonalds, and lots of it.

Unsurprisingly most of those revolved around food, symbolic of my life some would say. If you were going to move away from the UK what's the one thing you think you would miss? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I prefer the UK over anywhere in Europe (to live) so I can see why you miss it :)

    The Fashion Matters- Travel & Fashion Blog

    1. It's a pretty unique place, thanks for reading :) xo

  2. The joy of coming home again is one of the best feelings ever. I hope you have a weekend full of cheesy chips and binge watch on ep's of pointless lol. Lovely blog by the way, new time reader over here. I came across your blog on the comments section of Katy Belle's blog. Thought I would pop over and say hi :)

    1. Ahh thank you so much! :) I will have a great excuse for overdosing on the cheesy chips and I am definitely going to make the most of it! That's so lovely, I find some of my favourite blogs by reading the comment section of other blogs, thanks for reading :) xx


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