Monday, 8 May 2017

7 Happy Things #8


Haaaappy Monday! How has it been two weeks since my last Happy Things post? I'm actually dizzy with how quickly the time is flying. The past two weeks have been great though, but oh my gawd have they been busy. I think you'll all enjoy this happy things post because there's some pretty great things been happening recently so let's just get started!

1. Passau Dult: So, this isn't exactly one that everyone can join in with, but last weekend I went down to Passau to visit my friend Louise and as part of her birthday celebrations we went to the Dult. For those of you (including me here) who don't live in the South of Bavaria, Dult is basically another name for the cities beer festival. So of course, the dirndls were on, and an impressively large volume of beer was consumed. It was so great to see all the Bayern girls again and I even attempted to conquer my fear of rollercoasters and went on one. Admittedly I cried so it doesn't look like I will be going on one again any time soon...

2. Sex and the City: Instead of going to the gym one day I found myself in bed watching the sex and the city movie. I totally forgot how great it was and am planning another cosy night in to watch the second one soon! It's on Netflix and if you haven't seen it before then you neeeed to get on it.

3. University:  I finally found out what modules I have been allocated for history next year and oh em gee I am so excited. Basically my dream courses. YAY!

4. Not getting fined: Last weekend in order to get to Passau for the Dult, the four of us living in Franken decided to rent a car as it was cheaper than taking the train. With an excellent road trip playlist from yours truly and some great car banter it was a lot more fun than the train, even if google maps took us through every small Bavarian village... We rented ours through a company called budget cars and I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for something cheap, we were lucky and despite choosing the cheapest and smallest car option, got a lovely, really new and spacious Peugeot!
However when it came to us taking the car back, we were told there was a new scratch on the car. Cue all of our seven or eight years of German leaving us in a second. After looking at the "scratch" we were highly unconvinced and tried to explain that it looked a lot like dirt. An unbelieving budget employee ignored our protests and after typing some numbers into her phone came up with a 400 euro fine that we had to pay. We were still pretty sure that said scratch was not a scratch but dirt and after complaining to the people working at the desk we got a second opinion. Sure enough after the car went through the wash no scratch was to be seen. Panic over. Cue very very happy Zara.

5. Blaue Nacht: This Saturday in Nuremberg was the yearly celebration of arts and culture called Blaue Nacht. I had no idea what to expect, however after seeing posters and various billboards for the event over the past few months I knew it was going to be big. The whole city was turned into a sort of exhibition, with different installations and various things to see all around the old part of the town. All of the museums and churches were open on the night with unique and different things to see. There was an entry fee for many so I didn't actually go inside, however there was plenty to see for free. To celebrate the new design of the town hall, a large light show was projected on to the front. It was designed by Berlin based artist Philipp Geist and certainly did fit the theme of the evening, Odyssey (Odyssee). The Kaiserburg was also illuminated with a projection show from Barbara Engelhard which was also beautiful. Everyone was wearing flashing blue badges called "blinkies" and it was probably twice as busy as the night of the Christmas market opening. Despite being by myself, I happily wandered around the city, soaking up the buzzing atmosphere and listening to the various music acts and different things dotted around the streets. It's held at the beginning of May every year, and if you are looking to plan a trip to Nuremberg around this time then definitely try and coordinate it with Blaue Nacht!

6. Revolution Blush Palette in Golden Sugar This little gem of a palette was too exciting not to include! It is one of the most beautiful blush and highlight palettes I have ever seen. Think ambient lighting powders from Hourglass but in a palette that is actually affordable. I bought mine in Rossmann for 7,99 (euros) and it was most definitely worth it. It's got a great bronzing shade as well as some beautiful highlighting blushes that I have also been using as eyeshadows as the pigmentation is so great. You can see it in more detail on the Superdrug website here!

7. The Beach: Nuremberg have recently opened their "Summer in the City" beach, making up for the fact Germany might as well be a landlocked country I feel that far from the sea right now. Filled with deckchairs, different bars, BBQ's and a volleyball field it is the perfect place to chill out on a sunny day. The weather is meant to be quite nice this week so I have a feeling I will find myself there quite a lot. And they serve Pimms. #lush

I've been waiting to use this little collage of photos ever since we stumbled across the colourful houses in Burano in Italy. Hope you are all having a great Monday so far! Let me know in the comments if you have anything exciting planned for the week :)



  1. Sounds like you've had a really great week (except for the brief car-scratch panic but even that got sorted happily!) x

    1. It's been lovely! Feel very lucky my last few weeks in Germany are filled with such happy memories :) x

  2. Ah, I'm also occasionally side-tracked by really, really good box sets, haha! I'm yet to watch Sex and the City, but it sounds like a cosy night in watching it! I'm obsessed with Revenge right now :)

    1. I actually think my parents watched Revenge last Summer and I caught a few episodes! I remember it being pretty exciting! x

  3. Sex and City 2 is worth the watch! :D x

    1. I love it! I actually think I prefer the movies to the series, but I feel like you need to have watched the series to fully appreciate the movies if that makes sense haha! x

  4. Love this post! I think I might watch some Sex and the City tonight!

    Bella x

  5. Oooh yes do it! So glad you liked it, thanks for reading :) xo


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