Monday, 3 July 2017

7 Happy Things #11

Hi lovely people of the internet! It's currently Saturday night, I'm back in my flat after three nights pottering around Edinburgh and I have absolutely blitz cleaned the house, finished unpacking and I am feeling like a boss. So what better time to write a post about happiness and all the things I have been luuurving at the moment.

I GOT A HAIRCUT OMG: Don't be disparaging of my happiness here, I hadn't had a haircut for a year and two months so I really bloody needed one. I feel light and free as a bird and you know when you get a haircut and kind of swish your hair about all day as if to shout "Look at me isn't my hair nice"? Yeah I'm still doing that. 
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Little Mix: I saw Little Mix in Edinburgh this weekend and it was ahhhmazing. It was an outside concert so it had a proper festivalesque feel to it and those girls absolutely slayed it. They sounded incredible live and I had such a fab time!

Fish and Chips: Claaaasic but the past few months I have been totally craving fish and chips and of course being in Germany there was nowhere to get any. In St. Andrews we are truly spoiled with two amazing fish and chip restaurants and I kid you not one even does free chip refills if you sit in. Glorious. 

The Sea: Growing up on the west coast and going to university on the east coast means that I spend a rather large amount of time at the sea, looking at the sea or even rarely in the sea. So being in Germany without any sea was pretty hard so it has been so lovely being back in St. Andrews and being able to go for little walks by the beach or out along the pier.

Love Island: I am so late to this party I am aware. But when I was in Edinburgh this week with W, we were flicking through the channels when I made him stop on love island so I could see what all the fuss was about. It was the episode where Camilla was crying about Johnny and I may have shed a tear much to W's disgust. But I am absolutely loving it and actually have been so excited to watch it since then! Definitely a bit of a guilty pleasure and I am actually really liking having something to do in the evenings.

Ironing: Call me a granny but I love ironing! There is something about it that is so therapeutic and for some reason I have started ironing all my clothes before I put them in the wardrobe. I make that sound really radical, I know it isn't don't worry. I don't know what it is about having a little pile of ironing and settling down and doing it one night (usually a Sunday, it's such a Sunday night activity) that is so relaxing. Maybe it's the sound of the steam or the satisfaction of getting rid of creases but I have been actually borderline obsessed with ironing clothes recently. Which is good I guess as maybe I will be less likely to leave them sitting on "the chair" till it overflows and I eventually put them away...

Pret Cheese and Pickle Baguette: I'm pretty sure I read a Buzzfeed article recently that ranked this as one of the most boring things to get from Pret but I do not care. I am so happy that as much as I truly am missing my Crunchy Chicken from Backwerk back in Germany, I have pret to fill the baguette shaped hole in my life. Since I'm being all adventurous at the moment I thought it would try something I never had done before, which as we all know can be very dangerous in Pret with their tendancy to put half a garden of random leaves in most of their sandwiches, but that's another matter entirely. I boldly went for cheese and pickle, bold as I had only had pickle a couple of times before and had never really enjoyed it all that much but I loved it! And had it the next day. And the next....

I'm off now to tend to my curry, making it from scratch without a curry paste or jar so we will see how this turns out! I am feeling pretty optimistic though. Not so optimistic for my poor quinoa which is  drowning in water. I definitely shouldn't have thrown away the instructions. ..Hope you are all having a lovely start to the week as I think this will be going up on Monday! Let me know what you have planned in the comments!



  1. OMG we love Little Mix too.. they are so good live! And we are a also just a little obsessed with Love Island.. Camilla and Montanna are our faves!

    1. Yes I love watching Montana so far, she seems so genuine and lovely!! xx

  2. I spend a semester at Dundee university, I loved the coast and the fish and chips were insane !

    1. Ahh that is so exciting!! Thank you so much for reading :) xx

  3. Nice post! Hope you're having a great week so far!


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