Friday, 4 August 2017

My Favourite Bloggers

I love blogging. It's relaxing, it's fun, I get to be creative, I get to speak to so many amazing people but almost equally as importantly, I do it because I personally love reading blogs. I have blogs that I read for different reasons, some for travel inspiration, some for new recipes and serious food envy and some because they give me a little boost as they as so well written and uplifting. I love how much variety there is in the blogging world and today I wanted to share some of my favourite bloggers to spread a little love, show my appreciation and hopefully give everyone reading a few new ones to check out!

THE TRAVEL ONE: Amanda, Rhyme & Ribbons

Amanda's blog is great. It gives me serious itchy feet as her travel posts are definitely inspiring and she has been to some seriously cool places. I love reading about her adventures, especially her trips to both Ireland and Gdansk in Poland. They are filled with tips from transport to restaurants and they are so helpful. Her recent trip to Copenhagen and her posts from there are getting me seriously excited for when I go in August, especially this one about Nyhavn with it's beautiful photos!

THE FOODIE ONE: Katy, Little Miss Katy

I've been following Katy's blog for quite a while now! It was initially her 10 happy things which she would post on a Monday which got me hooked but now I am aaall about those recipe's and food posts! The one recipe which I cannot wait to try is her easy baked garlic chicken, however I also love reading her restaurant reviews which are honest and fun. I also don't know how it's possible to take pictures of food and make them look that good, her photography skills are amazing!

THE "GIRL NEXT DOOR" ONE: Elle, The Elle Next Door

I hate that phrase and I am cringing inside that I wrote it, but reading Elle's blog makes you feel like you've known her for years! I love her chatty and open style of writing and the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously. After reading her blog I discovered her vlogs, so now when I read her posts I can almost imagine her writing them. As well as a shared love for Paris, I love all her posts, but it was her review of the QVC Tili Box that I loved for three reasons; she mentions Harvey Spectre, I love the tili boxes, but the most important one is that I laughed. Not many people can write reviews of beauty products and make me laugh at the same time. 


Aside from being beautiful, Sophie's blog is one that I love reading with a cup of tea as I'm relaxing in bed. She is such a girl boss. Her honesty in her writing is refreshing and I absolutely love her career orientated posts, she sounds like she works so hard and it's so exciting to read about the corporate world from a relatable perspective. Her 100 things she's thankful for was such a lovely read, but my favourite post of hers recently is definitely her post on what it's like to be a young professional which is something that I don't see many other people blogging about and it's great! 

THE ELEGANT ONE:  Gabrielle, A Glass Of Ice

Sorry Gabrielle, I'm running out of creative headings...
I think I have finally found someone else as excited about castles as me! Gabrielle's content is so unique and I love reading her travel posts as well as her fashion ones which I don't actually read a lot of normally! Both her fashion and writing style are elegant and her editing is beautiful. Her post on Mont Saint Michel was stunning and gave me some serious travel envy!

THE BEAUTY ONE: Abbi, Simply Abbi 

When I first started reading blogs it was beauty blogs that I was reading, but now there are only a few that I regularly keep up with. Abbi's is one of them! As well as a wide range of posts about topics including travel and university, I love Abbi's product reviews and beauty collabs. Her Bloggers Made Me Buy It is so me. I will rarely buy a product now without reading reviews first, and have gone out so many times after reading a post just to pick up a bloggers recommendations! Abbi's reviews are honest and her photographs are fab! Also love watching her insta stories!! 

That was such a fun post to write and it gave me a great excuse to scroll through the recent archives of some of my favourite blogs and pick out my favourite posts! There are obviously a lot more bloggers out there that I love, so there will probably have to be a part II to this post at some point, because I haven't even touched on any of my lovely twitter blogger gals - I'm @misszarabelle if you don't already follow me! I hope you enjoy checking out some new blogs and be sure to leave me the link to your favourite blogger in the comments so we can all have a nosy and find some new favs!



  1. These lists are always so helpful in finding new blogs to get addicted to. About to check out the ones I hadn't heard of before :)

    1. Hope you like them as much as I do! xx

  2. Ooo reading this kind of made me want to do a post like this as well, honestly as you said, any excuse to go and read back on some of my fav blogs and blog posts.

    I really love reading posts like this and I agree that Elle's writing style is hilariously good, and nice and relatable :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Yeah exactly! I'd read so many of them and had discovered so many great blogs that way so I thought I would share - so glad you liked it! x

  3. This absolutely made my day Zara! I'm so happy to know you enjoy reading my blog, and thanks a million for your kind words - so touched you like my writing style :)

    ps. actually kind of loving the creative headline you chose haha, so sweet!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. You're welcome Gabrielle! You can tell you work so hard on your blog! xx

  4. I love finding new blogs to read so love these kind of posts! Must check out your suggestions :)

    www.Barely There | British-Korean Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  5. I really liked your take on this! You've included such a variety and I can't wait to check them all out x

    1. Thank you! So glad you liked the post xx

  6. I love finding out new bloggers to read, so thank you so much for sharing your favourites! x
    Lauraconteur ♥


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