Saturday, 12 August 2017

Shopping For New Homeware Pieces

Since moving into my new flat I have become completely obsessed with homeware. I've always fantasised about the day I get my own flat and I can paint all the walls white and have pink dotted around everywhere (how exciting that this is the trend right now, please can it stay till I can buy my own house!?) but it's a little harder to do in rented accommodation or student halls, especially on a tight budget. When I moved in, I felt my flat lacked a couple of bits and bobs to really make it feel homey, so over the past couple of months I have been slowly buying little pieces to dot around the rooms to help make it cosy and more like home. I have had to stick to quite a strict budget and I though it might be quite useful for everyone who will be moving in to new student accommodation for university, or indeed anyone looking to spruce up their homes to let you know where I've been getting some of my favourite little gems from.


I would never have thought to go in here if I hadn't walked past it on my way to the bus station when I was out shopping one day, but I am so glad I did! The lovely little alarm clock and the wooden coasters in my pictures are from here, and they were such good value for money! I think the clock was around four or five pounds and the coasters came in a pack of 4 and they were only a couple of pounds! Whilst I have concluded that the alarm is much too loud to actually be used and I'm going to stick to my trusty iPhone, it does make a lovely addition to my bedside table. I think B&M is a great place for those random essentials as well, like cutlery and egg poachers, which I also picked up when I was shopping there.


Pretty much the holy grail of homeware right now, they have some beautiful things in here for incredibly cheap prices! I got some lovely fairy lights for only a couple of pounds, however they seem to flicker on and off when I'm not touching them so I think mine might be faulty. Bedding, towels, candles, star shaped door hooks, you name it and Primark probably do it in rose gold for half the price of everywhere else. My current favourite candle is the purple square one from Primark which I think is number 12. I honestly picked it up because it's the right shade of purple to match the cushions in my living room, but it smells lovely too!


Perhaps the best place to look for homeware if you've got lots of time and don't mind hunting through some junk to find some gems. I love TK Maxx for loads of things as you can get some excellent clothing and beauty bargains, but I especially love it for homey bits. It's another great place to find reduced candles, such as this Tahitian plumeria scented one which is super sweet and actually smells gorgeous mixed with my Primark one. Tk Maxx usually have a great selection of things for the kitchen, such as pots and pans and I got a great quiche tin in there recently - the thing that should be at the top of every student essentials list clearly. They also always have a great collection of mugs and I got this like a boss one a few weeks ago and I think it's already become my new favourite!!


Out of all the clothing stores, New Look for me is streets ahead when it comes to homeware. H&M has some gorgeous pieces but it all seems a little expensive, whereas I think New Look is much more suited to a student budget and you get your student discount all year round. I got this beautiful pink world map memo board from there for under £10 and it just fits in so nicely with my bedroom. Since I've started travelling a bit more I love to surround myself with inspiring travel related pieces to keep me excited until my next adventure.


For anything to do with office supplies and stationary there isn't anywhere that has as eccentric and beautiful collections as Paperchase. They have quite regular sales and also do student discount which is when I do the bulk of my shopping there. I am loving their unicorn collection at the moment however have restrained myself so far...


Supermarkets are amazing places to find homeware bargains and I have been picking up some beautiful kitchen utensils in both Aldi and Morrisons recently. I love cooking, so as soon as I moved in I kitted my new flat out with everything that I thought I could possibly need (hence the egg poachers and the quiche tin...) However in my first two years at university I literally used one pan and one pot, so it might be best to wait until you have moved in and seen what you really do need before shopping for utensils!

Charity shops are also great for homeware and I found a beautiful vase in one for only a pound which was such a find! Obviously they can be hit or miss but in University towns like St. Andrews they are usually full of things that students from previous years have left behind. It's definitely worth a look in them if you are on a tight budget.

For now, I think I'm happy with the way my flat is looking. It's cosy and homey and that's all I can really ask for when I'm living alone. (My flatmate comes back in a few weeks and I am so excited!) If you have any favourite shops then please leave them in the comments, although that does mean I might go in and spend even more money...




  1. I love great homeware. I recently moved as well and am still picking out cute pieces. I love your list! XO, Ellese


    1. Thanks Ellese! So glad you liked the post! xo

  2. Great ideas! I love Zara Home for homeware!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

    1. Ooh I have never had a look at Zara home before, I'll need to have a browse! x

  3. Shopping for homeware is literally one of THE most enjoyable things, haha! I adore H&M home for cute copper pieces, and Amara online for unusual and beautiful things.

    1. Ooh I have never tried Amara, I'm off to look it up and have a look! Thanks Gabrielle! xo

  4. Love that mug. I've been really into cute mugs lately!

  5. I love mugs, I really want to find a cute one with a bee on it for some reason ahah! x

  6. Aldi is also great for home wear! And I love h and m home too, shopping for your home is so fun one of my fave things to do xxx The Beauty Analyst

    1. It's so much fun, I can't wait till I have a whole house to decorate!! x


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