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A Day At The Fringe // Out Of Love Review

The Edinburgh Fringe is quite literally a whirlwind of colour, culture, arts and excitement. If you have never been, you simply have to add it to your bucket list. The city is crammed with actors and performers and thousands upon thousands of tourists. The Fringe is something I have been visiting for the past six years or so, however I never actually book to go to any shows! I normally just wander up and down the Royal Mile, gathering leaflets, taking it all in and watching the street performers. So when I was invited to review Paine Plough's production of Out Of Love I was so excited! Not only was I blown away by the fact that someone had actually read and enjoyed my blog enough to want to email me, but it was the first time I would actually go to the Fringe and see a proper show!!

Image c/o Paines Plough Production

Image c/o Paines Plough Production

Written by award winning playwright Elinor Cook, Out Of Love is described as a "tale of female friendship, love and rivalry over thirty years" but to be honest, I think it's much more than that. It follows Grace, an outgoing and confident girl with both strong opinions and desires and Lorna, a more reserved and insecure girl, as different events affect their lives and cause their relationship to change, develop and become strained. Grace gets pregnant just as her and Lorna are supposed to be heading off to university, which alters the direction of both of their lives. The plot is interesting, if a little confusing at times as it does not follow a linear narrative. With the change in lighting signalling a change in time, we see snapshots of the girls lives at different points, which helps to build an understanding of the plot and as the play goes on, provide reasons for why things have unfolded the way they have. The play dealt with some quite gritty and deep topics, which if I'm being honest, isn't what I would usually look for in theatre and not quite what I expected from the description, however the addition of comedy really kept my attention and empathy for the characters. The message of the strength of female friendship was clear, as it was their deep rooted love for each other which compounded the emotion at the end, however I won't spoil it for you!

With only three actors I was a little sceptical as I normally see productions with a much larger cast, however the commitment to their characters from all actors was evident and the ease at which they moved through the different time frames was impressive. The third actor acted as a context provider and illustrated how the girls friendship was influenced by others and the performance of all three was highly commendable. It was held at the Roundabout, which is just along from the Meadows and the circular stage and lack of props really helped focus the attention on the script and the emotions of the actors. I left feeling slightly drained; I had been on an emotional rollercoaster, which I guess is a testament to how well the play both captivated my emotion and forced my empathy for the characters so I'd say that was a good thing. If you like theatre that challenges, inspires and forces consideration for your own relationships then I would say that Out Of Love is one for you! At just over an hour and £15 a ticket then it is definitely worth adding to your fringe list. It is running from 4-27th August at the Roundabout @ Summerhall.

After the show, W (who I had dragged along) and I went to Underbelly, one of the Fringe Venues at George Square and had yummy burgers from the Stocks van (the hot sauce was hot though, but so good!)  and some cheeky pints on the grass. We rounded up our day at the Fringe by heading off to see Sarah Benetto's comedy gig in "the Bunker" which may win the award for the venue with the most plaster falling off the walls. Hilarious though and even better, it was free!

Have you been to any shows at the Fringe this year? Does Out Of Love sound like something you would be interested in seeing? Let me know in the comments!

I was provided with a Press Ticket to see Out Of Love, however all thoughts and opinions are obviously my own.

Can't believe I'm writing a disclaimer,  in fact I still can't believe anyone even enjoys reading my blog! Thank you all so much for reading and leaving comments, it makes my day! 



  1. This looks like such an amazing festival! And I absolutely love plays/books/movies that are centered around female friendships, especially since they are way too hard to come by! Glad you enjoyed your day at the Fringe!


    1. Thanks so much Emily! So glad you enjoyed the post! xx

  2. I've heard of this festival before, but haven't been yet. It sounds really good and hope I can go one day :)


    1. It's definitely something to experience at least once! Thanks for reading xx

  3. This looks like such a fun festival! And that burger looks so delicious, makes me really hungry haha


    1. I'm trying to work out if I'll be able to go back and get another burger before the festival ends haha! Thanks for reading x


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