Wednesday, 2 August 2017

St. Andrews Eats - Brunching At Bibis Cafe

Brunch is my favourite meal of the day. If I'm meeting a friend I haven't seen in a while we'll do brunch. If I'm seeing my best friends for a catch up after a night out before we'll do brunch. If I'm alone and want something fun to do I'll go for brunch. I bloody love brunch. In my mind you can have brunch at any time of the day, however sadly most restaurants don't agree with me, and in St. Andrew's in particular I find it quite difficult to find somewhere that does all day brunch with plenty of options. When my parents were visiting last weekend, naturally I decided we should go for brunch but I have to admit I was pretty stumped at where to take them. I decided on Bibis café as it's been about a year since I was last there and I remembered them doing an excellent eggs benedict. If I'm being totally honest, Bibis wasn't really somewhere I went that often, as I often found the service pretty slow and for some reason they always seemed to have run out of whatever I wanted to order that day. Not what you want really. But boy am I glad that I popped in because I was totally impressed and have completely changed my mind about the place!

From what I can remember it looks like they have changed their menu, not sure how recent this would have been as I was away last year, but I feel like it is a little more streamlined and they have an extensive range of options for all day brunch. Winning! Our waiters were all so friendly and had some excellent banter and I have to say that I didn't notice service being particularly slow, if anything it was quite quick considering how busy they were! One thing I've always loved is the décor, blue walls and lots of fairy lights and cute things? Purrrfect.

Now on to the food. I am normally a pretty hardcore eggs benedict gal, however, with the new menu there was a cheeky little addition down the bottom which I have never seen before. Avocado toast with salmon (£6.50). I thought it would be rude not to try their new offering and I am so glad I did! The presentation was beautiful, it came with little poached eggs, which could have been slightly runnier, but that's probably just me. The avocado was perfectly seasoned and had a little kick which I loved! Overall I was really, really happy and will definitely get that again!

Mum was patient enough not to start eating her food as soon as it arrived (*cough* Dad...) so took this picture of it for me. Not bad for a taking-a-picture-of-your-food novice. She went for Heuvos Rancheros (6.50) which is some sort of crazy concoction of eggs, chorizo, avocado, salsa and salad in a big flour tortilla wrap! She really enjoyed it and said it had inspired to do something similar at home. Salad for breakfast is a bit of a strange one for me but she really seemed to enjoy the combination.

Now, Dad went for Bibis Ultimate Stack (£7.95) which if I can remember correctly had egg, chorizo, black pudding, muffins and hollandaise sauce. After me raving about the Hollandaise sauce at Bibis all morning I stole a bit off Dad's plate and was pretty disappointed. It just tasted a little off. It was much sweeter than normal and neither Dad nor I were fans. The black pudding however was beautiful and he seemed to enjoy the rest of the dish.

Overall I am really happy that we decided to go as it has totally put Bibi's back on my radar! It has a lovely atmosphere (as long as it's not too busy) and an amazing selection of both brunch and lunch options. I'll definitely be going back to get my salmon/avocado fix.

Let me know in the comments if there's anywhere you want me to review next! It's giving me an excellent excuse to eat my way round St. Andrews hehe!




  1. I love to go for a brunch ! Thank you for sharing your recommendation !

  2. The decor looks really pretty and the food looks and sounds pretty yummy! I'm a huge brunch fan too. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  3. I love brunch! It's hard to find good brunch places, but I'm glad your family has found one to enjoy :)

    1. It really is hard to find good ones! Thanks for reading Anna xx

  4. Oh my goodness! This all looks absolutely gorgeous! xx

  5. That coffee looks delicious!

    1. Mmm it was good! Thanks for reading Molly! x


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