Friday, 18 August 2017

A Little Summer Round Up

Right back at the start of Summer I posted this post where I talked about my goals for the Summer and all the things I wanted to do! Just over two months on, some of the things I have manage to do and some I totally haven't for a variety of reasons. If you haven't read that post, it might be quite good as you'll get a bit more of an understanding of what I am rambling about, but I thought today it might be nice to just sit down and write. Blogging has taken a total back seat since work has gotten a little crazy recently and I am quite honestly just too tired to sit at my laptop for hours when I get home. However I really have missed it, so a nice chatty post is the perfect way to ease back in.

One of my goals for the Summer was to explore St. Andrews which I guess I have kind of done. I have revisited old favourite spots like The Westport and tried some new places, including Mammacita which has definitely become a favourite - I've been twice already! I haven't really been around many of the new shops as I have tried (and failed, but at least I tried) to budget a little better this Summer to try and save more money for during the Semester. I never did make it to either of the beaches which is a real shame, but when I think how utterly crap our weather has been I can't be too hard on myself.

Cooking was another of my Summer goals as I wanted to try and be a little more adventurous and I definitely have been! A courgette and carrot lasagne, homemade falafel, making sauces from scratch and experimenting with more fresh ingredients, preparing a nice tasty meal in the evenings is one of the ways I wind down after a hard day at work. While I may have indulged in the odd cheesy microwaved pizza (if you have never tried microwaving a pizza you are seriously missing out on something amazing) I have made a conscious effort to try and incorporate a wider variety of vegetables into my diet and I have discovered some great new flavour combinations. Cooking at uni definitely doesn't have to be boring or hard, I try and add one new spice or "cupboard essential" such as lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, each week when I do my main weekly shop, that way it doesn't feel like such an expenditure at once.

Moving into my new flat and living alone all Summer was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I have really enjoyed the space and having the complete freedom to do as I wished. My family have come up and visited a couple of times and it was so fulfilling to finally be able to play hostess for them, make them some of my new favourite meals and just generally show off both my new flat and St. Andrews. Decorating my flat has also been a lot of fun and while there are still some bits that I want to pick up for my bedroom, it's so cosy and cute and I love spending my evenings at home, something which I have never wanted to do before.

Looking back, my travel plans for the Summer were very ambitious.  I have neither a trip to Ireland nor a holiday to Vienna booked, however we did snag some very cheap return flights to Copenhagen and W and I fly out at the end of the month for a couple of days before the craziness of uni life starts again. I am so excited; having now done extensive research on the city and the general Danish culture I cannot wait to go and experience it for myself. With some incredible architecture and delicious-looking food, I am quite honestly counting down the days.

My trip to Copenhagen will also signal the end of my working Summer, which although has been a little more challenging than I thought, has also been so much fun and rewarding and I have met some great people.

Something miraculous, which I can't quite believe I have done either is make a start on my history reading. It just shows how excited I must be to study the topic and I've even gone out and bought some books relating to it so that I have them even when my module is done. Specialising in history is something I have been looking forward to since the start of my degree, while the modules in the first two years gave a wider picture and a general understanding of themes, it makes such a difference being able to actually be in control of what you are studying. I've also read an incredible and inspiring book on the Danish concept of Hygge, which will definitely be in a blog post soon. Sophia Amaruso's #GirlBoss is my holiday read of choice and it's been sitting on my bedside table since I ordered it and I am quite literally itching to start, so the minute I get on that plane my headphones are going on and it's coming out my rucksack.

While I also haven't made it to all of the Historic Scotland sites I wanted to visit, I did spend an hour at Edinburgh castle, along with visiting St. Andrews castle with my parents. The beauty of membership is that you don't have to queue for tickets, meaning a one hour trip to busier sites such as Edinburgh castle is possible. I am still so grateful to W for buying me it as a birthday present and I know I will get plenty of use out of it for the rest of the year. Linlithgow Palace is still on my to do list and there are so many more sites all over the country I can't wait to visit. W and I did make it to the Jacobite exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland and I was really impressed at the clear manner they had managed to arrange the exhibition in a way that was accessible to everyone, whether you knew the story of the Jacobite's or not. Definitely worth the extra entrance fee if you are ever in Edinburgh and need something to do. In fact, it's worth travelling to Edinburgh just to visit.

One thing I did do, was take my own advice and go on a solo day trip all the way down to Durham which was so much fun. It's such a good way to de-stress as well, being in your own company really gives you time to gather your thoughts and you get to do exactly what you want.

One of my Summer highlights has to be being invited to review a show at the Fringe, which totally took me aback that someone enjoyed my writing that much they wanted me to write about them. My day at the Fringe was so much fun I am hoping to squeeze one more before it finishes for the Summer. Even if you don't see any shows, the atmosphere, particularly around George Square Gardens is bubbling with excitement.

Writing all this out has made me feel so lucky and appreciative of all the good things I have had the chance to do this Summer. Whilst it is not over yet, my next two weeks at work will be pretty full on and then I am off to Copenhagen to enjoy the last of my freedom before my honours years begin. What have been the highlights of your Summer? Let me know in the comments!




  1. Sound like you have had a fab summer and met lots of your goals so go you!

    1. Thanks Helena! I'm actually surprised at how much I did considering I work 5 days a week so I'm pretty proud :D Hope you have had a great Summer too! x

  2. Wow, you certainly had an awesome summer! I've never tried microwaving a pizza haha. Girl Boss is such a good book, you'll love it. I hope you have a great time in Copenhagen! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Haha you need to! Just one of the mini ones you can buy in supermarkets for a couple of minutes! Thanks so much gal xx


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