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Copenhagen Restaurant Guide

One of the things I find the hardest when travelling is knowing where to go to eat. You are bombarded with restaurants, but especially when it's in a different currency and language, it can often be a bit overwhelming and you end up just picking somewhere because you're tired of searching. I tried to do a little research before I went to Copenhagen so that I had some sort of an idea of where to go and how much roughly to expect to be paying, however it didn't stop us from falling for a couple of tourist traps and ending up with some pretty average meals. I thought this would be a super helpful post for any of you who are planning on visiting Copenhagen in the future if you wanted to get a few restaurant ideas and inspirations.

The first thing to note, is that eating in Copenhagen is generally pretty expensive. We found the average price for a medium cappuccino would be roughly £5 with a main meal ranging from £18-25. Obviously there were fast food restaurants that were cheaper and chains which we could have gone to but I really try and visit local places and try and find less touristy spots.

The Union Kitchen
Store Strandstræde 21 1255 København
I actually found out about this little gem through Instagram! I love searching restaurants hashtags to see what the food actually looks like and to try and get a peek at the interiors too before going. I was pretty determined that we would get to go for brunch here, and sure enough after our morning's free walking tour (more about that coming soon!) we found ourselves at Amalienborg Palace, which is only a five minutes walk from the Union Kitchen. I went for a quite traditional brunch option and chose the Stuffed Croissant which was filled with egg, avocado and bacon amongst other delights. My carrot and orange juice was the perfect accompaniment as I am trying to cut down my caffeine intake ever so slightly (plus coffee was just so expensive lol).

Buzz Kaffebar
Sankt Peders Stræde 31, 1453 København 
This was our first breakfast in Copenhagen. The interior was so cosy and beautiful and the menu had a great selection of pastries, waffles and the most beautiful coffee. I went for the butter and maple syrup waffles, a flavour combination I had never tried before. The waffles were perhaps the nicest I have ever had. So light and tasty! It wasn't too expensive in comparison to some of the other places we had seen, around £20 in total for two waffles, a cappuccino and an orange juice. Perfect cosy breakfast or coffee break spot!

Trangravsvej, 1436 København 
I love street food markets and Paper island in Copenhagen definitely didn't disappoint. A big warehouse which used to be the storage facilities for the Danish Press (paper geddit?) has been converted into an indoor street market, covered in lights and trucks selling tastes from around the world. We decided to get a few plates to share and we chose some form of chicken flatbread spicy tomatoey thing, which I really wish I could remember where from and a Korean chicken curry which was ahhmazing. The only thing though is the price, we found ourselves paying about nine pounds a pint which is just crazy. Sadly, we were told that it will only be remaining a street food market for another few months, so if you are visiting soon then don't miss out!

Pauldan Café
Fiolstræde 10-12, 1171 København
This is an absolute hidden gem. We stumbled across it one night after searching everywhere for some hearty and relatively cheap food that wasn't too fancy. (I was a little hungover ok?) The interiors were incredible, walls lined with books and tables with cosy chairs, it definitely had a student-y vibe to it. There was quite a range of dishes on offer, W went for chilli and ginger tiger prawns and I chose a bowl of chilli and rice - which would probably have fed both of us easily it was huge! So tasty though! I can imagine it being a great place to study during the day or the perfect spot to hang out at night and have a pint, we both loved it and I would definitely recommend it! 

Hache Gourmet Burgers
Rømersgade 20, 1362 København
We stumbled across this by chance as we were walking around Norreport, one of the main metro stops in the city before our flight that night. They had a great selection of burgers and sides and perfect if you are looking for something quick and tasty! It also worked out to be our cheapest meal from the whole trip and if I remember correctly the burgers were all priced around 100 kroner.

Another place which I whole-heartedly recommend but sadly don't have any pictures from is Mother Høkerboderne 9-15 - 1712 Kbh V. A slightly rustic but very chilled and "hyggelig" it is potentially the best pizza I have ever had. It was recommended to me by my parents and I would recommend it to anyone! So reasonably priced for the quality and the pizzas are huge, one was enough between the two of us. We shared two bruschettas to start, one with some type of tuna which was lovely and a mushroom and ricotta one which I wasn't so much of a fan of. The only thing I would say is whilst the pizzas are pretty inexpensive, the wine isn't but is definitely delicious. Maybe my favourite white ever. Big claim. 

Of course we also went to Mad & Kaffe and I have written a full review of it separately because it was so good. We did visit a few other places too but these are all ones which I am happy to recommend, a good mixture of more expensive and cheaper, brunch and dinner. Hopefully you've found some places that have taken your fancy and can bookmark the post if you are planning on going to Copenhagen in the near future. Remember you can also subscribe to my blog on both emails (Just add your email address in the box at the bottom of the page!) and on Bloglovin so you don't miss a post! If you've ever been to any of these restaurants then let me know in the comments what you thought as I'd love to know and reminisce about my holiday, which seems so long ago now!



  1. Oh wow - these look like great recommendations!


  2. Okay, wow, I must visit Copenhagen immediately. All of these places look amazing and I could live my Danish dream x

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

    1. You definitely need to!! It's such an incredible place x


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