Friday, 3 November 2017

7 Happy Things - London Edition

It's a Friday, it's basically the weekend. Life is good. I have had such a busy past couple of weeks, with my trip to London falling after a lot of deadlines and work. I'm ultimately procrastinating right now by editing this instead of heading to the library, although I don't feel too guilty after working hard on my University Goals. I thought I would write a little round up of my favourite 7 little things that happened during my trip. I love writing these kinds of posts as a little reminder to myself of how lucky I am and to slow down and just breathe when things get hectic.

London in general: I mean this is ridiculously obvious and not little at all, but I had the loveliest time in London and it really left me feeling motivated to work hard enough so that I can return to live there one day. There's something so magical about the city, it has a unique buzz that even when surrounded by so many people, I feel quite calm amongst it all. I love feeling like I am part of something, a part of the city. Each individual contributing to the hustle and bustle with so many exciting opportunities.

Dinner at the Ned: I mean this one isn't little either, but W and I went to the Ned for dinner one night. Created by the owner of celeb hotspot Soho House, the Ned is a members club right in the heart of the City, with beautiful architecture, an incredible ambiance and 9 different restaurants to choose from including a couple more that are members only. We chose Millies Lounge, a classic British restaurant with a beautiful menu of traditional dishes executed to a high standard. I had the pork belly and scallops and it was delicious. The service is as you can expect, prompt, efficient and in general it is quite the dining experience. To make our night even more special, there was a Gatsby themed members event in one of the private rooms, so we were surrounded by people in the most beautiful costumes. I had to pinch myself to bring myself back to reality, I genuinely felt like I could have been in a film, with all the glitz and glamour. Obviously it wasn't cheap (thanks W) but I had an incredible night and one I wont forget.

Meeting old friends: I managed to meet up with one of my closest school friends whilst I was down and it was so lovely having a good catch up as we hadn't seen each other since the start of the Summer. We had a lovely afternoon wandering round London as she showed me some of her university campus as we moved between coffee shops and the afternoon ran away with us.

Watching the sunrise on the Thames: As W works in the City, one day we both got the boat in from Greenwich together so I could head off to oxford street for some retail therapy and we could avoid the commute on the tube. It was dark when we got on the boat at Greenwich and we spent the journey watching the sun slowly rise over all the favourite landmarks and it was simply stunning.

Shopping in Zara: After getting the boat in with W, I took the tube across to Oxford Circus and after treating myself to a delightful breakfast, I wandered along to ZARA where I picked up the most beautiful little heels to wear to our dinner at the Ned. Black suede with little tiny pearls, they aren't actually something I would normally go for, I usually prefer flats or high heels over mid height ones as I just find them more comfortable however I totally fell in love! I didn't actually get any pictures of me wearing them, but if you want to see them then click here!

Driving Range: On my last morning, we got up early and headed along to the Greenwich peninsula golf range to hit some balls. It was a beautiful, crisp morning and the range looks out of the Greenwich peninsula to the most amazing view. I actually love going to driving ranges, there is something so relaxing and satisfying about hitting a clean ball and I definitely think I've improved, although that's probably because I had a good teacher...

Movie Nights: After cooking the most average curry, we decided to pop on a movie and just have a super chill night in instead out going out to the pub. I put 13 going on 30 on Netflix, for some reason neither of us had seen the film before even though it's a bit of a classic. I wasn't expecting too much but we both laughed out loud throughout the film and had big cheesy smiles on our faces when it ended. It was such a feel-good film and although I was absolutely cringing the whole way through, it was the light-hearted fun I needed. Definitely one to watch if you haven't seen it already!

I was going to write a big detailed post about my trip to London but I think this is a much nicer way of recording the little bits I did that made it extra special. Let me know in the comments what has been making you happy recently!


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