Sunday, 4 February 2018

January Favourites

Yellow January Flowers

Well hello new blog series for 2018. A cheeky monthly round-up/favourites/happy things all rolled into one! This one is slightly late (many apologies) but with a busy weekend of casually winning our netball league before the end of the season (we still have a few matches left but nobody can catch us now wooo) and spending time with friends for birthdays and catch-ups I've been a busy bee.

At the end of 2017 I wrote this post where I did a biiiig bloggy round up of my year, talking you through some of my travel highlights and favourite posts. It was so nice to reflect back on my year and what I had achieved that I thought going into 2018 it might be nice to do that a little bit more often, so I settled on a monthly round up, with some of my favourite things that I've been up to in the month, blog posts that I've read that have had an impact on me or whatever I fancy really. 

Firstly, let's just appreciate that January is the month of fresh starts. I am NOT suggesting a 'new year new me' attitude by any stretch of the imagination, however there is something nice about it being a new year that brings its own opportunities and challenges. I set out the path for my 2018 and I am determined to smash this year.

I went to the cinema for the first time in ages to see The Greatest Showman and it was incredible! To be completely honest I didn't have a clue what the plot was before I went in, I had basically seen Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman and Zendaya on the Graeme Norton show on NYE and that was that. In case you've been living under a rock, it follows Barnum as he creates his infamous circus and I'm not going to give anything else away but it is a must see! The soundtrack is incredible, I have a different favourite song everyday and cmon, Zac Efron. Nuff said I think.

Being at home over the holidays has also been a great opportunity for one of my favourite things to do - board games. I got the 00's version of Trivial Pursuit for Christmas which has kept us well entertained, not forgetting the countless rounds of Scrabble I play with my Gran whenever I am home and my all time favourite, Monopoly!

Synonymous with January (basically...) are sales and let's just say that I went to town in the sales this year. The dangers of getting money for Christmas...  I picked up goodies from ASOS and Tk Maxx, as well as ordering myself a snazzy new pair of black New Balances from the children's range. Sometimes having small feet is a real blessing.

I also read the hilarious "It all started with a tweet" by Anna Bell which is definitely one to add to your reading list if you are into chick lit and easy reads! I have a few books on my to-read list and I think I will try and include them all in another reading list post soon!

Can I really put soup in a monthly round up? I think so. I have become obsessed with making soup ever since I got a snazzy blender. My absolute favourite is carrot and Harissa because it's just so easy. Roast some carrots, add some stock, blend them and add harissa! The perfect winter lunch with some crusty bread and butter. Mmmm.

If you read my University Goals post then you will know that I am trying to be super organised this semester. I bought myself a pack of pastel highlighters and they make my notes look dreamy and so much more appealing. Pretty stationary is definitely got to be included in my January favourites with the new semester starting I have been picking up lots of bits and bobs, I might write a little post on some of them soon too!

I also recently picked up a beautiful coral coloured jumper from new look that is covered in pearls and I have been wearing it non stop since I got it! Recently I have been really into styling slightly more individual pieces and I have been really enjoying putting new outfits together. (I tried to find it on the website however it seems to be sold out, I'll add a similar to this post if I can find one.) It may no longer be the festive period but it's still cold and jumpers are the perfect thing to snuggle up in on a cold night.

Now that the Christmas decorations are down in the flat, it's left me room on my windowsill for some fresh flowers again. I just love how they can lift a room and make it feel more fresh.

These are just a few random things I have been loving but I really like writing these kinds of posts as they are great to look back on if I am needing some inspiration. Let me know in the comments what you have been loving throughout January - whether it's a book, a product or an activity, I love reading them! 


  1. Great post dear!
    I like your blog so much! :)

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  2. Finally! Someone else who appreciates a good board game, haha. I also love Monopoly and have about five different version of the board now! I hope February is going just as well as last month for you :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Worldwide Giveaway: Hotel Chocolat Valentine's Heart Chocolate Box! x

    1. Aha honestly I love them! I bailed on a night out a few days ago and spent the evening playing trivial pursuit in my pjs!! Thanks Gabrielle, hope you're having a great Feb too! xx

  3. There is little I love more than soup during the winter - I'm glad you decided to include it in your faves! Also I want to see this coral jumper! It sounds lovely and perfect for brightening all the grey days! Will you be posting it on the blog or insta?

    1. Thank you! I will definitely try and include it in a blog post soon! xx


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