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I feel like in 2018 I have really noticed a big difference in bloggers being bigger fans and cheerleaders of other bloggers. I love seeing retweets of posts and shoutouts on twitter when you love someones work, because it is definitely something that really touches me and makes me really appreciate having people that read and love what I write. One of the best things about blogging is hands down the community of other bloggers that are always happy to chat and share tips and advice. Back in the Summer I wrote about my favourite bloggers, all of which I still love to read and interact with, however recently I've also been loving some newer blogs and I thought it was definitely time to share an update! So if you are looking for some new posts to to keep you company through the absolute madness that is currently Britain attempting to deal with snow then enjoy!

Kirsty - The Monday Project

I've been reading Kirsty's blog for a while now and my all-time favourite posts of hers are her 'Little Things' series. I love these kinds of posts where you can really get to know the person behind the blog and they are a great reminder to focus on the little things in your week that make you happy, whether that's a book or a nice meal you've had with friends. 
Must read: 
Her most recent little things post (and all the other ones in the series!)

Charlotte - Colours & Carousels

Again, Charlotte's is a blog I've been reading for a while but have recently been loving the content she has been producing. Not only does she blog, she also has a newsletter and so many other projects such as the #BlogandBeyond hashtag. I am so impressed she manages to balance all these things with studying! Based in Glasgow it's great to read about places that I actually have a chance of going to. 
Must read: 
Is Blogging Full-Time Really The Dream - I loved this one! So many people just assume that when you have a blog that's because that's what you want to be doing long term. I love my blog as a hobby and if I can make a little money on the side then that's amazing because it helps me run it, but I still have dreams of living in London and working in that fast-pace city lifestyle!

Lydia - The Millennial Girls Guide

I first discovered Lydia's blog through the lovely Sophie when she shared 5 blogs you have to be following in 2018 and I definitely agree that Lydia's should be one of them! Her sassy and witty writing style have me quite literally laughing out loud and her tips are foolproof if you want to successfully navigate the world as a Millennial gal. I also have serious style envy, pls Lyd can I have your wardrobe?!??
Must read:
Girl Code - The Electronic Support Network From screenshotting to photo-taking etiquette this has you covered.

There are so many other incredible bloggers out there and I would definitely say one of my main sources of inspiration in blogging are other bloggers. I am so impressed with some of their creativity, ways of looking at things and the determination and effort that bloggers put in to each of their posts! 

Other Links I've been loving:

'What I've Learnt About Love'
'How To Be A Blogger'
'Being In Your 20's'
'The Positive Effects Of The Girl Boss Movement'
Em also posted this incredible guide for How To Be A Blogger which covers everything from branding and social media to algorithms!

Let me know in the comments which blogs you have been loving lately because I always love discovering new ones! Some days I want deep, thought-provoking lengthly posts and some days I love a quick scroll through someones monthly favourites or outfit diaries. That's one of the things I really love about blogging, there is such an amazing variety of content and writing styles out there that there really is something for everyone and I feel so lucky being able to contribute to that in my own way.



  1. Charlotte's blog is fantastic isn't it? I really need to get into reading more blogs, but I love Katy's ( and Laura's ( hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :)


    1. I LOVE Katy's blog but I haven't read Laura's much before, definitely going to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation Hannah! xx


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